UK Forecast: .weather on .earth scattered with servers!

2nd May, 2017 by

Top level domains, or TLDs, are here to stay as more and more users go online. With the .com TLD being over-saturated, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, is continuing to release relevant and unique domain extensions to suit a wide variety of purposes.

Domain extensions are in themselves a powerful branding tool. Three short letters can immediately describe the nature or location of a business, without the need to even read the domain name. Universities and schools proclaim .edu, whilst non-profits shout .org. The UK is proud to boast two domain extensions just for them: .uk and

In case you’ve lost track of the many domain extensions around, here a few of our UK favourites, which are just as pertinent as our weather:


For anyone whose weather forecast involves clouds, this domain extension clearly indicates the nature of cloud data storage and services. For businesses offering cloud infrastructure to entrepreneurs looking for an original way to brand their business, .cloud is an exciting and descriptive alternative.


As we continue our UK weather forecast, .earth can’t be overlooked. Whether your business is about our environment, eco friendly or is literally about our planet, .earth says it all.


Weather is a huge part of ecosystems and maintaining balance on our planet. So .eco will indicate that your business cares about and is aware of our environment, and also how to impact positively on it.


This one definitely calls for good weather! A .garden needs rain, sunshine and good nutrients. Turn your garden or plant business into a blossoming venture.


…and once your garden is nurtured, it will start to blossom. What better way to brand your business than with a beautiful .flower? Florists and plant nurseries alike will have a powerful branding tool with a .flower domain extension.


This one is not yet confirmed (watch this space) so all we can do is speculate. But this domain extension is sure to be snapped up by the weather forecast industry as fast as lightning!

So, how is your weather forecast shaping up?

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