Interesting facts about UK weather: UK rain

22nd January, 2008 by

Interesting facts about UK weather: UK rain

Part one: UK rain

Its been raining a lot lately, and it always seems to be when I am about to go outside!
Seeing as I can’t get away from the rain at the moment, I thought I would find out a bit more about the wonder that is rain!

Did you know….

  • Drops of rain with a diameter of less than half a millimetre are know as drizzle
  • There are three types of rain:
  • Orographic
    Convective (known as showers)

  • The most rain ever recorded in one day in the UK was 279.4 millimetres in Martinstown Dorset 18th July 1955
  • One inch of rain falling over an area of one acre has a weight of about one ton
  • On average it rains one in three days in the UK
  • The roof of a typical family home captures over 100,000 litres of rainwater a year
  • check back for my next post Facts about UK Sunshine!

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