Introducing A New, Improved StarterSite

20th March, 2019 by

Creating a website is often a daunting task, especially for those who do not consider themselves to be technically adept. Fortunately, there are many options for all those who are looking to build a new website for their UK2.NET domain. The most user-friendly of the options by far is StarterSite, which has now become even easier to use thanks to their new and improved V2.

Whether you need to quickly get a full website online or would like a placeholder until your larger website is complete, StarterSite is the tool you need. Best of all, it’s completely free to anyone who registers a domain with UK2.NET.

What is StarterSite

StarterSite is a free tool available for use for any domain name registered with UK2.NET. It allows domain owners to create a single-page website in five minutes or less. Simply activate the StarterSite tool within your CHI account, choose a template, add premium features and contact information, and publish!

StarterSite: The Basics

StarterSite automatically includes some great features to help website traffic learn more about you or your business/organisation. StarterSite features the following tools to help make your single-page website a success:

  • An easy-to-build, no experience necessary, single-page website
  • Professional, streamlined templates for you to choose from
  • Auto-optimisation to look great on any sized screen – mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Instantly link to social media accounts for easy sharing
  • Opening hours to let customers know when they can reach you.

It allows you to insert the necessary information to build a Contact Us form for website visitors to contact you directly through email. Also included is a map to your physical location should you choose to include a business address, and search engine optimisation tools to help those looking for your website easily search.

StarterSite V2: New Premium Features

The new and improved StarterSite V2 offers premium features to help you customise your website to represent your brand and amaze website visitors. The following features are optional in your StarterSite V2 tool. Add any one of them to your account for just £1 per month.

Image Gallery

Select your favourite photographs, graphics, and images to appear on your single-page website. Add up to 12 images to your gallery.

Content Blocks

Easily add menus, services, or any other information that your website traffic needs. Add up to 10 content blocks to your website.

Custom Background Image

Skip the website template and create a background that is uniquely you. Feel free to change it as often as you feel. Simply choose the image you would like and publish it for the world to see.

How to add StarterSite to your domain

To add StarterSite to your domain, simply log into your UK2 CHI account with your username and password. Click the Domain icon from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Click the domain for which you would like to add StarterSite. Click the Activate your Free StarterSite now button. StarterSite has now been added to your domain for free, and you are now on your way to creating a streamlined, professional website in only minutes.

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