Is Your Business Ready For Generation Z?

4th August, 2015 by

Move over Millennials: Generation Z are growing up fast and their consumer needs will shape the way we do business.

In the digital age and beyond, the requirement for businesses to adapt to meet the needs of emerging consumer demographics is of vital importance. The Millennial generation is a testament to this fluidity; brands the world over have embraced social selling and new methods of engaging with the digitally-savvy twenty-somethings. The disruption of the Millennials may be coming to an end, though, as businesses now face the next emerging demographic of consumers.

Introducing Generation Z!

Generation Z are today’s teens: they’re currently aged between 12 and 19 and have a unique range of social nuances which businesses will need to cater for to hope to encourage their custom.

Firstly and foremost, Generation Z are the digital generation. Although Millennials know their way around a smartphone like the back of their hand, the Z’ers have grown up entirely in the digital age. They were reared in a technologically advanced world and know nothing of the world before the internet. These teens know the online world inside out, much of their conversation is held on social media sites and they use their smartphones for anything and everything.

But surprisingly, Generation Z don’t live their lives entirely online. Research from the J Walter Thompson Innovation Group found that these teens are more concerned with creating a world which is diverse and ethically minded. Indeed, the study found that 83% of Generation Z’ers believe it’s important to save for their future; they understand their wider role in society and expect businesses worthy of their custom to have equal social awareness. But is it online business they’ll be looking for? Interestingly, the study found 67% of Generation Z would rather shop on the high street than online.

So how should your business adapt to ensnare Generation Z?

Be socially conscious

Ethics are important to Generation Z: they’re looking for benevolent brands who invest in their corporate social responsibility. Partnering with a local charity to improve and give back to your community is a way of hitting the mark with Gen-Z while giving a helping hand to those in need. And there’s never been a more important time to go green! Generation Z’s social consciousness means they’re looking for ways to improve the ecological condition of our planet. Commit to reducing your carbon footprint and you’ll engage with Gen-Z. Why not register a .green domain name to showcase your environmental efforts?

Provide a diverse shopping experience

While an e-commerce platform is vital in today’s business climate, Generation Z’s penchant for high street shopping could be an early indicator of a high street renaissance. Brands should be considering taking their products to the street, but that doesn’t have to mean investing in expensive retail property. Why not set up a pop-up shop to test the climate out in the real world – it’s an inexpensive way of connecting with these street-wise shoppers.

Make sure your online shop is easy to navigate and optimised for mobile use: Google will thank you for it as well as your bank balance!

Stay social

In today’s business climate, social media is everything. In fact, Generation Z most likely don’t remember a time that they couldn’t simply Tweet their frustration to their local supermarket and (hopefully) receive a timely reply. Brands must have a strong social media presence to engage with Generation Z, encouraging and actively engaging in online conversation about your business. Prepare to take the good with the bad, monitoring any negative press and responding to all complaints.

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