Seeking Support: Your PIN Number

11th December, 2015 by

We take account security seriously, and so should you.

In online business it can be disastrous for your account details to be accessed and exploited by someone who means you harm. If your UK2 login details were to be accessed by anyone other than yourself, that person would then have the power to cancel domain names, order excess services and wreak havoc on your online reputation.

For this reason we have introduced a further authentication step for those customers who wish to contact us for support or billing issues in the form of your personal identification number (PIN). This will be requested at the beginning of all support and billing phone correspondence, so make sure you have yours to hand when you get in touch.

How do you locate your PIN number?

Simply follow the below steps to retrieve your individual PIN:

  1. Log into your account by clicking here.
  2. Select the “Support” icon – which is shown as a circled question mark – in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. Find your PIN number displayed in the upper right corner of the page.

Please note there is an option to change your PIN number should you wish to do so.

It is now policy not to make any account changes or release any information whatsoever associated with the account without this PIN number. This further protects your account from hackers, identity thieves, or any other malicious online presences who may benefit from accessing your account.

Without proper verification you will be unable to make any changes to your account, or resolve any errors such as misnamed files or file restoration from backups. That makes this PIN pretty vital, so don’t forget it!

Head over to your CHI account now to discover your PIN number, and remember you’ll need it for any telephone support queries. For more information on this matter please visit this Knowledgebase article.

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