Simpler, Smarter, Slicker: UK2’s New Website Builder

28th September, 2017 by

Four years ago, UK2 launched a website building tool as part of our web hosting services. This bespoke drag-and-drop editor featured pre-designed templates which could be automatically uploaded to your newly purchased domain name.

Bringing site design under the same roof as domain name registration and hosting proved to be very popular with our clients. Indeed, it has been so successful that UK2 is currently rolling out the eighth generation of our Website Builder. This platform has already helped thousands of people to create slick and stylish sites, and Website Builder V7 customers will soon be experiencing the added delights of the new and improved V8…

Your next website might have a serious purpose, but designing it should still be fun. There’s nothing wrong with spending half an hour messing about with a homepage selfie shot, or endlessly tweaking the order in which social media buttons line up along the bottom menu bar. With each generation of Website Builder, we’ve simplified some attributes and enhanced others, taking feedback into account and streamlining the process even further. And the latest incarnation of our website development tool is rather special…

Brand New Stunning and Responsive Templates

Our original Website Builder had the option to create mobile-specific sites at a time when responsive website frameworks were rare and exotic. Our latest version contains 165 stunning and responsive themes, all of which display equally well on a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. This is vital, since nowadays most web traffic is displayed on mobile devices. It also boosts search engine optimization, which takes into account whether a site is mobile-friendly or not.

Updated Simpler and Better UI

We’ve always made our user interfaces streamlined, but the new V8 upgrade takes things a step further. It’s easier than ever to add photos, maps and text to your site. It encourages people to concentrate on one job at a time, whether it’s uploading slideshow images or specifying ecommerce functionality. A pop-out sidebar lets you tweak everything from colours to “Call me” forms, while moving elements around the page is surprisingly addictive!

True Responsive Editor

Another all-new addition is our True Responsive editor. This works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, enabling copy dictation through Siri or Google Now. This is great for those whose thoughts tend to move faster than their keyboard fingers. At the same time, seasoned developers and designers can enjoy complete CSS control for fine-tuning. If you want to fully customise your web designs, this is the path to bespoke contentment.

Make Your Website Safe with an SSL Certificate

Website Builder V8 features a host of other subtle changes and improvements. For instance, we’ve introduced SSL support*, which is growing in importance for ecommerce platforms or sites handling sensitive data. You might not even notice some of our other tweaks, but every change is designed to put the fun into functionality. You’ll have a complete website designed so quickly, you’ll want to create another. Or maybe just play with the first one a bit more…

*SSL Support is only included within Business, Business Unlimited and Ecommerce packages. To talk to someone about an upgrade please visit UK2.NET today.

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