SSH access now live


Just a note to say we’ve now enabled SSH access on the Business Webhosting package. We’ll be communicating this to customers by e-mail too, but it’s now live!

If you have an account on Business Webhosting (and providing it’s on our cPanel platform) you can now directly access the server from the command line to perform tasks like changing permissions, deleting files etc.

Don’t worry if you are not as you can request our support team moves you over to the new platform (please note this can’t be seamless if you have databases/scripts running as these will have to be reconfigured once the data’s transferred).

This also means that you can also use SFTP and SCP file transfer (secure transfers) rather than FTP if you want.


To access you’ll need an SSH client if you are on Windows, and a good one called ‘putty’ can be found here. Simply type your username @ your domain and click enter to connect, and when prompted enter your usual password.


If you are on a mac running OSX then you can just open a terminal (it can be found in your applications folder) and type ssh followed by your username @ your domain, press enter to connect and when prompted enter your usual password.

e.g. ssh


If you are unsure what either of these are they both basically transfer files over the SSH protocol, a little more explanation can be found here

If want to try these but are a little worried about doing it through commands you can also use a graphical client like you would using FTP.

On windows you can find winSCP here(It also can use SFTP and FTP).

And on OSX there’s an application called Fugu which does the same here