Ten Reasons to Build Your Website with WordPress

26th July, 2017 by

WordPress is a hugely powerful tool for website creation and management. Available in almost 70 languages and with over 50,000 individual plugins, it powers one in four websites around the world.

There are numerous factors behind this remarkable market dominance.

We have noted below ten reasons why you should consider building your next website with WordPress…

  1.     It’s great for beginners. Online tutorials, WYSIWYG editors and a thriving community of enthusiasts enable anyone to construct dynamic websites quickly and easily. SEO plugins offer simple ways to improve search engine rankings.
  2.     It’s infinitely expandable. The presence of 50,000 WordPress plugins reflects how this platform can be tailored to suit evolving business requirements. As a company grows and introduces new services, WordPress enables its website to keep pace.
  3.     It’s designed for retail. Modern WordPress plugins include numerous payment, shipping and basket tools. A single plugin can manage stock databases, order confirmations, delivery notifications and even automated loyalty discounts.
  4.     It’s ideal for social sharing. WordPress majors on interactivity, from floating one-click social media buttons to intuitive comments sections. Social integration is critical for any modern ecommerce or service-based platform, and it’s readily available here.
  5.     It’s addictive. If you’ve ever played a Sim City or Minecraft-style management sim, you’ll understand why this site builder is so endlessly absorbing. Each WordPress plugin introduces new features, while user communities are friendliness personified.
  6.     It’s secure. Online security grows in importance with every data theft and hacking story. WordPress incorporates countless safety features. It’s possible to add firewalls, scheduled data backups, server-side scanning tools and even comment spam filters.
  7.     It’s very fast. In partnership with UK2’s acclaimed hosting services, WordPress sites display very quickly. This is now a key metric in search engine rankings. WordPress plugins can compress graphics, manage cookies and support content caching.
  8.     It’s mobile-oriented. Responsive website templates automatically resize according to each device’s screen resolution. Menu bars morph into hamburger menus, graphics shrink, but key functionalities remain. Responsive sites also boost SEO rankings.
  9.     It supports multiple sites. Companies with sub-brands or different divisions can use the Multisite option to launch a network of related sites sharing plugins and themes. Creating and managing a multi-site installation is remarkably easy, even for beginners.
  10.    It dovetails with UK2’s services. We’re big fans of WordPress, offering optimised hosting for big businesses and sole traders alike. All our packages include domain names, emails, optimised themes and a streamlined content delivery network.
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