UK2 is Ten Years Old!

10th October, 2008 by

Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us!

Yes today, the 10th of the 10th, is the day that we are celebrating being ten years old! was formed a decade ago back in 1998, so we can truly say we have years of experience in the hosting industry! And we are still going strong!

To celebrate we have a small staff party planned for this afternoon, but most importantly from today we will be having some brilliant offers and giveaways for customers.

To kick off we are offering 10% of all purchases today, Saturday and Sunday, and then next week we have a special domain name offer lined up. We’ll be having a new offer each week for ten weeks, so keep coming back to this blog to find out all the details!

So as today is a fun day, let’s have some fun stuff!

Let’s face it – when a company has been around for such a long time there are inevitably a few unbelievable stories, a raft of useless facts and information, and some embarrassing “did we really do that” moments! Here are few gems that you probably didn’t know about UK2.

1. The average age of a current UK2 employee is 28

2. We have a very special clock to tell the time with, made out of UK2 branded fuzzy bugs!

3. The first servers we sold were RAQ3’s. Look at these beauties

4. The best excuse for not coming into work was “I was in a convertible yesterday and I can’t get my hair to go right”! Fortunately that only happened once in ten years!

5. James from IT had his interview to join in a Lamborghini, and also his PC caught fire in work one day. Bless him he works really hard!

6. Our website once looked like this! (Err you can’t buy from here any more by the way)

7. Our registered office is in One Canada Square, which is known as the Canary Wharf Tower and is the tallest building in the UK. But all the hard work is actually done a few miles away in our office in Brick Lane!

8. Marketing love “The Muppet Show” and a recent poll of UK2 staff proved that “Animal” is the most popular muppet

9. Paul is the most common employees name. We have a Paul De’Ath and Paul Joslin right now, and used to have Paul Morris, Paul Lindsay and Paul Davies.

10. We really are a global company with current staff coming from loads of different countries, including – deep breath – Wales, Denmark, South Africa, England, Bangladesh, Poland, Nigeria, The Azores, Gibraltar, Ghana, Qatar, Zimbabwe …. and err Krypton

That’s it for now! Off to have some fab UK2 birthday cake …

Bye Nicola x

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