Unwrapping Windows 10!

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Get out your party hats because Windows 10 has launched! Here is what you can expect and what the world is saying about this festive occasion…

Just in case you don’t know how exciting the launch of Windows 10 is, here is a music video to explain the excitement (yes, that’s right, a music video). Why Windows 10 needs a music video we may never know, but we will rock out to the sounds of business innovation anyway!

The tech sites are going wild with reviews, complaints and all other forms of excitement over the latest Microsoft Windows creation, so here is a round-up of all things Windows 10 and Microsoft-related including fun facts, latest news and what you should expect:

  1. 1.5 billion people still use Windows in one form or another, so Windows 10 is pretty big news if a major portion take the latest version for a test drive.
  2. Windows 10 was designed to “run everywhere” and on any size device, from four inch mobiles to coffee table sized screens according to the preview given by Terry Myerson at a Microsoft press release. As of today though, the released versions only cover desktop, laptop and tablet operating systems.
  3. Growth in the personal computer market is down an estimated 11.8%, according to a press release from analyst company, IDC in March 2015, but mobile sales are through the roof. This is the reason for the expanded horizons for Windows 10. While the market should see a small increase of sales due to the release, the new version will most likely not save the PC industry.
  4. The latest version of Windows come from a much more open mind that its predecessors. Microsoft was interested in user feedback in its design, launching their Windows Insider Program, which was created to give anyone interested an inside look. More than 5 million people participated.
  5. Cortana, a personal assistant much like Apple’s Siri, is accessible from the Windows 10 search box located next to the start button to offer help and provide insight to the latest versions changes from Windows 8.
  6. Microsoft Internet Explorer did not make the cut for Windows 10. It was replaced by a new version named Microsoft Edge. The security is reportedly improved and the browser is rumoured to offer speeds that are miles ahead of the competitors.
  7. Gaming has become a major focus for Microsoft with major changes to their gaming API, DirectX 12. Windows 10 will also offer Game DVR allowing gamers to record their gameplay for editing and sharing later on.
  8. Did you know that the update is free for any existing Windows users?
  9. Windows 10 offers spy movie facial recognition, great for all those times you wanted to feel like a James Bond villain. A locked screen will feature a cartoon eyeball that will want to gaze deep into your eyes to activate a 3D face scan in seconds: no sign in necessary. Just think, no more passwords!
  10. Windows 10 feature “Continuum” will allow you to seamlessly switch from phone to tablet to PC without skipping a beat. The operating system is fully optimized for user friendly screens no matter the size.

If these ten facts have you excited enough to try Windows 10, there are the easy instructions you need to follow to give it a try for yourself. If you are already using an updated version of Windows you may have noticed the icon appear in your taskbar notifying you to the fact that it’s time to update and download the new version. If not, here are the steps necessary to be proactive about your Windows 10 update at Microsoft.com.

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