We’re Teaming Up With The Numbers Coach!

21st March, 2016 by

Announcing our new partnership with Johnny Martin: The Numbers Coach.

For many entrepreneurs the first hurdle in a new business venture is finance: where will the funding come from for your startup? How do you get to grips with corporate tax and what do all the numbers actually mean? An abundance of startups have been stopped dead in their tracks by financial blockers, and with the odds stacked against new companies finance is an obstacle most companies could do without tackling.

So where can fresh-faced entrepreneurs get the advice they need to fund their venture? The answer is right here, thanks to our partnership with The Numbers Coach!

Johnny Martin FCA is The Numbers Coach – an experienced Finance Director who now passionately explains business numbers and jargon. He is a British Library Business & IP Centre partner where he runs regular workshops, a panellist for Imperial Business School, and a mentor for the School of Communication Arts – not to mention now a partner with UK2! Johnny is the author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Understanding Your Business Finances’  and e-learning course “Talk Money”, and his partnership with us will aim to provide financial mentoring for our readers and customers who need some financial mentoring.

Of the partnership, The Numbers Coach says: “Comfortably one of the biggest pains when you are running a business is getting to grips with all the business numbers and jargon.  I am delighted to be partnering with UK2 to help their customers feel more confident with their  ‘business sums’!”

Over the course of our upcoming partnership The Numbers Coach will be providing insightful advice on business finance through a series of blog posts on The UK2 Blog, and workshops in the UK2 office which will aim to give some hands-on personal mentoring.

Keep an eye on The UK2 Blog to reap the benefits of this great new partnership!

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