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4th July, 2011 by

Not having a mobile site is like closing your website one day each week.

~ GOOGLE, Dennis Woodside and Jason Spero

According to Google 15% of all traffic is now mobile and by 2015 most web access is expected to take place via a Smartphone. If you have not yet configured a mobile site for your business (or your clients) then you need to get cracking since odds are your competitor has, or is about to do so.

The rise of the mobile web can either be seen as a threat or challenge, but since your reading this blog we know your leaning towards the latter.

UK2 took a long, hard look at the mobile landscape and decided we needed to give you a fuel-injected mobile booster to supercharge your existing websites.

Our mobile launch pad for your business is something called GoMobi, a wonderful mobile-centric tool that allows you to convert your existing traditional website into a mobile-friendly site within 5 minutes using our online tools.

Our partnership with GoMobi allows us to simplify the entire mobile web creation process and demystify the whole shebang. If you are impatient to get started, head over to our FREE GoMobi 30-day trial right now.

Still here? Ok, in the past, in order to create a mobile site you needed to build custom templates for each phone on the market. Then, you would have to engage in endless testing and debugging. Not fun.

The GoMobi process is entirely different.   For a start, it’s compatible on any phone. Or Smartphone. That’s a nice start!

The creation process is wizard-driven which takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.  You are also looking at a 6x faster load time compared to non-mobile optimized sites.

What’s so refreshing about this monthly service is that content from your original mothership sites are automatically piped into your mobile satellite sites.

For those of you current on the .mobi domain extensions, you can also configure your mobile sites to default to this ext rather than your current .com domain. It’s up to you.

By the way, even if you are not currently hosting with UK2 you can still use our GoMobi service without moving off your present hosting provider. A simple update to your DNS settings with our IP will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

For those of you worried about vendor lock-in, we have some good news. If you no longer wish to use our service (Unlikely!) it is possible to migrate to another GoMobi partner at a later point.

To drive home why you should be implementing mobile sites consider these closing statements from Google:

  • Build a mobile-specific site. (Three statements of importance: “Be prepared to let go of your desktop content.” “Build something and get it out there.” “Don’t spend forever doing it.”)
  • Build local. Your mobile site should have local in mind since one-third of mobile searches have ‘local intent’.
  • Make it personal. Harness the personal aspects of mobile.
  • Track independently. Make sure that you track activity on the mobile site separately from your desktop website.
  • Iterate. Keep tweaking the site as you learn how people use it.

GoMobi meets all the criteria above at low costs with ridiculous savings in time.  Life can be good again, but you need to GoMobi!

Guest Blogger: Jason Stevens from jason-stevens.com / Freelance web developer, tech writer and follower of cloud computing trends. Follow him on Twitter @_jason_stevens_

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