10,000GB Bandwidth for all UK2 Dedicated Servers!

August 30th, 2007 by

Hi there,

I have some great news!

We’ve just increased the standard bandwidth provided with all UK2 Dedicated Servers from 2,000GB (100Mb connectivity) per month to a massive 10,000GB (100Mb connectivity) per month!

This increase will be available to all new sign ups and to all existing customers who were on the 2,000GB option, and it’s FREE!

This means that all our Dedicated Server customers will benefit from a greater amount of data transfer per month, 5 times more than before in fact. Also customers will have greater peace of mind regarding usage levels, and won’t have to worry about sticking to the previous 2,000GB per month limit.

If you’re an existing customer you don’t have to do anything as we’ve upgraded you automatically.

If you’re thinking of becoming a UK2 Dedicated Server customer, why not read about the range of servers we have available here.

Don’t forget, we also offer truly unmetered and unshared bandwidth options at 10Mb, 100Mb and 1000Mb speeds for customers who need more.



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# 30th August, 2007

Rock ‘n Roll huh?

You might ask:

How would this be different from one of those unlimited deals?

– well, first of all, nothing is unlimited, read through the small prints, there is always a catch. You are either subject to dodgy fair usage policies, capped at 1-5-10mbps or on a very oversold network that wouldn’t allow you to actually do much transfer and would result in latency, high pings and packetloss.
Our network is NOT oversold, maxed out or even 30% utilized at peak. Your server is on a full duplex 100mbps network, on our gigabit infrastructure, and you are able to peak to that at anytime. In 2007 we are at 100% network uptime, and in 2006 we were at 99.997%

What made you go to market with this crazy offer?
– when buying bandwidth from our providers we have always bought full gig’s, and started with quite high commits to ensure low prices. Even though we have thousands of servers in our DC’s we are not using anything close to the CDR’s we are paying for – and we were honestly quite fed up with that. We were hoping that this campaign would bring back some of the money we are investing every month in our high performing network.

Can I really transfer 10000gb every month?
– yes, you can, and we would not try to stop you if you wanted to. I already paid for the bandwidth, so I really want you to use it 🙂


# 2nd September, 2007

These offers are getting very tempting now, all we need now is a little repeat of the BOGOF offer, and we’ll be queuing at the door 🙂

# 3rd September, 2007

full dublex eh? 😉

# 4th September, 2007

This may sound like a strange question, but are these servers hosted in the UK or abroad?
I’m currently looking for a UK host with good deals at the minute.



# 4th September, 2007

@ Ap0kalipSe
no, duplex, its spelled with a “p” 😉

@ Jonathan
yup, all servers are in London, UK 🙂

# 11th September, 2007

sounds like a crazy deal, however once you reached ur max cdr and monthly you are forced to either upgrade a better one or downgrade the bw, how can you ensure us that we wont get our bw downgraded in close future?

also is it possible to accept paypal, we can evern pay for the paypal fees

# 12th September, 2007

@ John, we have never downgraded a client, and we do not plan to do so here.
We might take the offer away from the market at some stage though, as we have done with other campaigns we’ve been running.

If needed we will upgrade our infrastructure – I will not have congestion on our network. We have hundreds of thousands of clients, and the cost of bandwidth is actually a very small part of running our operations – upgrading would not be an issue.

We do not accept paypal currently.

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