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Cute new web address WLTM website-owner for long-term relationship.

At least that’s what the lonely hearts column for the new web address ending .dating would read like.

Released for sale this week, .dating will make it even easier for Internet users to find dating websites. Granted, sites like and eHarmony are already household names. But the .dating web address ending will make it easier for lonely hearts to find smaller, more niche or more local online dating agencies, like veggiedate – the site for love-hungry vegetarians – or Allikewise – the dating website that fixes couples up based on their book tastes.

There’s another use for .dating that will set hearts fluttering, too. From today, singles will be able to take control of their own dating destiny. Rather than put their fates in the hands of tools like a ‘like/don’t like’ swiper app, singles can set up their own dating websites with the new .dating web ending. Everything from to is available.

The best bit is, would-be other halfs can get their profile online in minutes with UK2, because every new web address sold comes with a free one-page website, which can be customised with text and photos.Each new website also comes with a free email account, where you can watch the date invitations flowing in.

So how do you write an attention-grabbing dating profile? Here’s a little bit of advice, sourced from a series of dating sites, including plentyoffish and

1) Always write about what you’re looking for. Want a shotgun wedding and a family within nine months? Make sure you state that in your profile.

2) Be honest about your age and appearance. Your date will find out the truth eventually.

3) Add as many images as possible. It’s the tried and tested show don’t tell rule that’ll get you a date.

4) Write at length about your interests.

5) If there’s anything you really don’t want in a partner, put that in your profile too. Just kindly and casually mention you don’t like dogs, for example.

To get your own .dating website, visit the UK2 website.

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