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Ignite your marketing firepower with white-label reseller hosting packages

April 17th, 2012 by

If you’re currently a web designer, programmer, developer (or generally involved in broad IT activities) you may not yet have considered opening a reseller hosting package to generate extra cash for your business or role as an independent contractor.

In today’s downturned economy and extremely competitive business environment you may be losing out on a unique opportunity to earn residual monthly income.

Here are five roadblocks that may be holding you back

  • It benefits the hosting company; not me
  • It’s too complicated. I cannot risk the time and expense of managing physical resources for my future web hosting client(s)
  • Security is a concern. I don’t want to deal with the risk overhead
  • I will not be able to keep up with new web apps or services demanded by my client(s)

These are valid concerns but usually attached to hosting providers who cannot deliver on all five areas.   By selecting the right hosting provider you will discover that reseller-hosting packages can be friendly, simple, powerful and cost-effective. It also makes your company or operation look more reputable and tech-savvy.

White Label Firepower

UK2 web hosting for instance, offers white label and private label solutions for your company. This means all hosting services; products and features are branded under your logo and letterhead. Even nameservers are devoid of the hosting provider name enabling end-end-end brandability.  This means your marketing firepower is enhanced dramatically the moment you open up a web hosting reseller account.


The power of Automation

The latest reseller packages allow you to automate manual tasks including billing, invoicing, account creation and nameserver configuration.    A range of reseller packages is available for you to choose from to match your appetite for control, risk, cost and profit,

Locking down security

The leading web hosting companies are constantly innovating their infrastructure, including security. Consider for instance UK2’s new VPN feature which will allow your future clients to secure both mobile and laptop data.   In fact, all hosting plans include additional firewall protection, backup and 24/7/365 support for customers.  Also remember you have additional options to sell SSL certificates to your future hosting clients at a 100% profit.

Marketing new web applications

You don’t need to keep up with the latest trends, releases or advances in web applications or website scripts. Instead, web-hosting companies like UK2 do this on your behalf.  In fact, you will notice that UK2 has recently released a number of groundbreaking apps for customers including GoMobi and automated website creation packages such as SiteBuilder.

By combining reseller marketing scalability with white-label branding you should immediately grasp the additional ways a reseller hosting account can benefit you from both a marketing and financial perspective.

Guest Blogger: Jason Stevens from / Freelance web developer, tech writer and follower of cloud computing trends. Follow him on Twitter @_jason_stevens_

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