Interesting facts about UK weather: UK rain

Interesting facts about UK weather: UK rain

Part one: UK rain

Its been raining a lot lately, and it always seems to be when I am about to go outside!
Seeing as I can’t get away from the rain at the moment, I thought I would find out a bit more about the wonder that is rain!

Did you know….

  • Drops of rain with a diameter of less than half a millimetre are know as drizzle
  • There are three types of rain:
  • Orographic
    Convective (known as showers)

  • The most rain ever recorded in one day in the UK was 279.4 millimetres in Martinstown Dorset 18th July 1955
  • One inch of rain falling over an area of one acre has a weight of about one ton
  • On average it rains one in three days in the UK
  • The roof of a typical family home captures over 100,000 litres of rainwater a year
  • check back for my next post Facts about UK Sunshine!

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    1. Will we be waitin till we have some sunshine before we get the sunshine facts? Cause if so they’ll never be posted! :(

    2. Hmm….this is Kasia’s Mum here. Random presents: I hope she realises a lot of good thinking goes into choosing these delightful presents. The ability to fold a good napkin is needed by most people, you never know when you may be asked to do it, and how impressed will people be when this see a napkin slipper or a wonderful lotus blossom.

    3. Hello everyone and UK2, as you can see I am a bit bored here at farnborough airport! Have just seen the royal helicopter take off. Off to do my shopping at that expensive supermarket Asda!

      Love to my darling daughter Mum Lesley x x x

    4. Hi Kasia’s Aunt here thought I would join in as this looks like fun and I am too soooooooooo bored

      Love you loads Kas

      Aunty Diane

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