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Setting Up a WordPress Blog With UK2

A few months ago, I was faced with the difficult task of migrating my blog to a personalised domain name. I had two options – attempt to import the expansive history of my Google-hosted techno-ramblings to the new domain, or to begin afresh, joining WordPress.

Turns out, it wasn’t as difficult as I first thought.

Armed with my freshly obtained UK2 hosting package, I was predisposed to stay with Blogger so that I could keep my backlog of posts on the new site – changing to WordPress would not be voluntary. Only the abstrusity of Google’s system for migrating a Blogger Blog, combined with the inherent failings of the Blogger system – the unmentionably garish default themes chief amongst them – forced me to consider WordPress.

It turned out that WordPress was not only superior to Blogger in a number of ways, but setting up and installing it was an immeasurably easier task.

Looking to know how to set up your own WordPress blog? Read on.

First, log on to CPanel and click the Softaculous button under Software/Services

Now, on the Softaculous homepage, click Blogs –> WordPress –> Install


Leave ‘In Directory’ blank and fill in the necessary details under ‘Site Settings’ and ‘Admin Account’. Click ‘install’ and you’re ready to go – the rest is all in WordPress.

N.B. To access the WordPress install, you’ll need to go to[whatever your wrote in ‘In Directory’]/wp-admin and enter your Admin username and password. You’ll be greeted with something that looks a little like this:

From there you can start to configure your blog – adding pages, themes and content.

Happy Blogging!

For a more detailed breakdown on how to setup a WordPress with UK2, please click here.

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