Should You Register A .london Domain Name?

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With up to 50% off .london domain names for a short time only from UK2, now might be the time to register yours!

There’s something you should know about London: there’s only one London Underground station which doesn’t contain one of the letters from the word ‘mackerel’, and that’s St John’s Wood. If for some reason you’re not hugely impressed by our tidbit of useless knowledge, perhaps we can impress you with our knowledge of .london domains.

In September 2014, .london domain names went on sale across the world as part of the rollout of a series of geographical top level domains (gTLDs). These geographical domains were released to help businesses and individuals alike to show off where they operate from, and also tap into a series of communities around the world. For a whirlwind tour of just why .london could be for you, check out the video below:

You may remember that we headed to the launch of .london and grabbed a chat with none other than Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, a fierce supporter of the domain name. Along with Storm Models, Battersea Dogs Home and yours truly (not to mention a giant cake), the launch was celebrated on the banks of the Thames. “.london is a cool domain name,” said Boris on the day. “It seems to be the one that everyone wants. So far 44 thousand have been registered. It’s very popular. People want to be associated with the financial and artistic capital of the world.”.

Of course, Boris was right. London is a hive of cultural activity, where each street tells its own unique story. The artistic East is home to a host of galleries and bars, and is becoming a hub of technology, with the roundabout at Old Street being affectionately dubbed ‘Silicon Roundabout’. Incidentally, also to be found in the East are UK2!

Aside from the legion of artists and techies to be found in the capital, there is a small army of tourists who flock to London each year; last year London took the title for most popular tourist destination worldwide! Over 17 million tourists visited the Big Smoke over the course of 2014, and that figure looks set to rise again this year. Put simply: London is big news, and so are the businesses who are based there.

What you should take from all of this info is that London is a popular place. Not only with tourists, but with businesses too. Startup Britain’s Startup Tracker will tell you that at time of writing, more than 240,000 businesses have sprung up around Britain just this year alone, and that number is rising exponentially as we head towards the UK summer months. This makes for a lot of market competition both in and out of the capital, although showing the world that your business is based in London could set you at an advantage due to its reputation for refutable business.

Right now, we’re offering .london domain names at up to 50% off. You can now get a place in the Big Smoke for just £15.49 +VAT for the first year (renews at £35.99 +VAT) – that’s definitely more affordable than some of the London real estate on the market today! You could save even more by registering for two years for £30.98 +VAT.

So why not tap into the vibrant community of Londoners; with such a diverse sprawl of cultures, there’s no doubting that you’ll find a market to work with here. First things first: head over to our domains page and find out if your .london is available…

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