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Supercharge Your Website With CloudFlare!

July 1st, 2015 by

We’re excited to announce our partnership with CloudFlare, whose ‘supercharge’ powers could have your website running at Olympian speeds in just a few clicks.

There are two common demands that both website owners and visitors share: speed and security. The freedom to browse the internet in a secure environment and in near real-time may seem like a utopian ideal, but this is the 21st century, and a safe, speedy website is well within your reach. Speed and security are prized website traits, with search engine giants at Google favouring websites providing a smooth and secure experience. Introducing CloudFlare: the software that supercharges your website.

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a web performance and security company. Their service is used by everyone from bloggers to Fortune 500 companies, and even the odd government. To date, CloudFlare powers more than 2,000,000 web properties; about 25 percent of the internet’s traffic passes through the CloudFlare network.

Think of CloudFlare like your own personal website security guard: they put up barriers against malicious visitors, and fast-track genuine traffic into the thick of things. Unlike some security measures, your secure site is served to locations around the world at lightning speed, and what’s more, it’s free with web hosting from UK2!

Its recipe for success involves the following three ingredients:


CloudFlare can double your website’s speed. Its rocket loader makes content loads more efficient by consolidating multiple network requests into one. It also increases speed by loading JavaScript asynchronously – meaning it does this without breaks. For additional speed, its content delivery network (CDN) distributes your content around the world so it can be served from the location closest to your visitors.


CloudFlare is essentially bubble wrap for online businesses. It’s been developed to protect your website against comment spam, content theft, email harvesting and DDoS attacks. In fact, it can prevent more than 90 percent of security breaches.


CloudFlare’s Always Online service keeps a cached copy of your website, so it’s always available, even when your server goes offline. Its analytics, meanwhile, break down your website’s visitors into bots, threats and regular traffic, so you have insight into how at-risk your website is.

CloudFlare can boost any website, but there are a few types of websites in particular to which CloudFlare is best suited. These include sites that experience seasonal spikes in traffic (like florists on Valentine’s Day), e-commerce and business sites, WordPress blogs or websites that are at risk of being targeted by DDoS attacks.

Integrate CloudFlare into your web hosting package today for free (!) with just a few clicks. Get started here.

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