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Supercharge your website

Improve the speed, safety and intelligence of your website overnight? Sounds like hocus pocus, right? Wrong. These are all the things you can do when you integrate CloudFlare into your web hosting package. If you’ve never heard of it before, CloudFlare is a web performance and security company. Their service is used by everyone from bloggers to Fortune 500 companies, and even the odd government, and now you can add CloudFlare to your UK2 hosting.


2 million fans

Over 2 million websites use CloudFlare, amounting every month to more traffic than Amazon, Wikipedia, Apple, Bing and eBay combined. It speeds up and protects sites some of the largest global brands, so your website will be in very safe and capable hands.

Speed on tap

CloudFlare can double your website's speed. It automatically designates which files to cache, including JavaScript, CSS and images. Its Rocket Loader feature makes content load more efficiently by consolidating multiple network requests into one. Plus, it increases speed by loading JavaScript asynchronously — this just means without breaks. All this without the need for any hardware or software to install.

Safety wrap

CloudFlare is essentially bubble wrap for online business. It's been developed to protect your website against comment spam, content theft, email harvesting and DDoS attacks. As CloudFlare examines the traffic visiting your site, it automatically starts to learn and detect new threats at the edge before they even hit your site. What's more, you can easily select different levels of security, without any complex settings.


CloudFlare's Always Online service keeps a cached copy of your website, so it's always available, even if your server goes offline. Its analytics, meanwhile, breaks down your website's visitors into bots, threats, and regular traffic, so you have insight into how at-risk your website is.

The Reddit effect

CloudFlare can boost any website's performance, but sites that experience seasonal or occasional spikes in traffic — like florists on Valentine's Day — or sites that go viral, will particularly benefit. WordPress blogs or websites that have had a history of security breaches, and sites at risk of being targeted by DDoS attacks, will also reap the benefits of CloudFlare. And there are no billing surprises as CloudFlare never charges for bandwidth.

Plans & Pricing

Cloudflare Cloudflare Plus
Globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN)    
Automatic static content caching    
IPv6 compatibility and gateway    
Always Online™    
Rocket Loader    
Mirage image optimization    
Polish image compression    
Mobile optimization    
SPDY support    
Reputation-based threat protection    
Notify visitors on how to clean their infected machine    
SSL Support    
Activation time   Instant
Browser support   All browsers
Analytics for traffic to your site Updated every 24 hours Updated every 6 hours
Price (monthly / yearly) FREE £8.99 / £89.88
Add Cloudflare for free to your domain or hosting in your controlpanel
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