UK Tech Habits: Under the Microscope

July 30th, 2014 by

How techonomic are you? Compare your tech habits to the rest of the world here…

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re no technophobe. Firstly, because you’re reading digitally, and secondly, because you probably have, or are thinking about having, a UK2 product.

But have you ever wondered how your tech habits compare to the rest of the country, or even the world?

A recent study by Samsung has revealed a benchmark that you can now compare yourself to. Research carried out as part of Samsung’s Techonomic Index project has now ranked European countries based on the time their people spend using technology, devices owned, and money spent.

Samsung’s findings deduced that the average Brit spends 6 hours and 54 minutes every day, outside of work, using an average of 19 various technological mediums, including household appliances. The European average is 18 devices.

This time spent can be broken down into the following…

4 hours 7 min watching TV and DVD/Blu-ray players

2 hours 30 min using personal computers

1 hour 13 min talking on telephones

1 hour 4 min using domestic appliances for cleaning

55 min using cooking appliances

In terms of spending, the Samsung Techonomic Index estimates that Britons spend £218 every three months on technological devices, which is £73 less per household than most other European nations. According to the study, Italians are the biggest technological spenders, splashing out £444 every three months of tech.

The most popularly owned devices in the UK are mobile phones and televisions, with an average of two of each in a typical household. The report also shows that the UK is ‘App’solutely Fabulous and crazy about mobile apps, with 66 percent of the UK’s population reporting that they use their mobile to access gaming, banking, and entertainment applications.

On top of this, 38 percent of the UK population report owning at least one tablet, with 22 percent admitting that the tablet was purchased as a personal indulgence. A further 60 percent admit to using mobiles, televisions, and tablets to access video streaming services such as Netflix or HBOGo.

Overall, though, the UK ranked quite low on the average time its residents spend with electronics. It positioned just above Sweden and Finland, which clocked up 6 hours 30 minutes and 6 hours respectively. The top five nations ranked by time spent on devices per day are as follows…

Spain = 8 hours 48 minutes

Italy = 7 hours 48 minutes

Norway = 7 hours 36 minutes

Netherlands = 7 hours 30 minutes

Germany = 7 hours 24 minutes

It might not be long before this changes though. The UK is becoming more of a technological contender by the day. This year, our web presence is being cemented by the release of .london and .uk web address endings. However your techno intake compares to the rest of the world, you can be pretty sure, it’s only going to increase.

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