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Power Boost Your Hosting with UK2’s VPS Cloud Hosting Announces Launch of VPS Hosting Platform Announces Launch of

UK2 have successfully launched the VPS Platform. This new cloud hosting platform gives you more control over your Virtual Private Server for less of the cost when compared to a dedicated server. All of our packages come complete with Self Healing Capabilities,  Dedicated Resources, up to 100 Plug ‘n Go Templates and Security on an ultra-fast Gigabit Network.

If you are looking to take the next step in growing your website, VPS is the ideal choice as it gives you more computing resources, more bandwidth and total control.

We’ve also managed to create a truly unique VPS offering. The Plug ‘ n Go Templates are easy to setup and even easier to launch meaning you can get your server setup in minutes. Another advantage we’ve introduced is that you will have the option to create one or even multiple VPS’s. Instead of having 1 main server you can create a number of ‘nodes’ within the main server and also include individual templates for each one.

Our VPS Cloud Hosting Platform is the perfect solution if you are looking for ease-of-use and more control at a cost effective price.

Please see our VPS Page for a better look at our specifications and launch prices.

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Jerry Smith
# 10th April, 2011

we are currently looking at cloud hosting with CDN solution to boost speed and across our various group sites and came across your service. However when delving a bit further we noticed there seemed to be quite a few issues.

Of course i know forums can often paint a distorted picture but we would like to know a bit more about the tech-support available as this would be key issue for us.


Jerry Smith

UK2 Team
# 14th April, 2011

Hi Jerry,

As you rightly say with all forums you rarely see the good only the bad and has had massive growth over the last few years which could not have been achieved if those were taken as anything but a minority. However ours is not the same support team as, they are a separate company and were the first within the UK2 group to implement this technology, but the UK2 offering is substantially different. As with all our products tech support is 24 hours by phone, ticket and live chat. Direct to server engineers is ticket based but answered 24 hours a day if its something only someone with that level of expertise can solve.


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