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What would Barbie’s CV look like?

April 17th, 2014 by

The new web address ending .pink was launched onto the internet today. All this pink talk got the team at UK2 thinking about the icon of the colour – Barbie.

Because we work with small businesses and start-ups day-in day-out, our thoughts turned to Barbie’s career path. Did you know this doll has had more than 130 different jobs in her lifetime? Which made us wonder. What would Barbie’s CV look like?

We think it’d look a little something like this…

Barbara Millicent Roberts

55 years old (but you can’t tell)


Willow High School, Wisconsin

Key skills

Spanish: I became fluent in Spanish as Spanish Teacher Barbie in 2001

Sign language: I learnt this in 1999, when I was sign-language Barbie.

Employment History

1984 – Aerobics Instructor

I’ve always been passionate about keeping fit, so I turned my hobby into a career. I taught most of my classes in my striped leg warmers and cerise blue unitard.

1994 – Lifeguard

I used the yellow binoculars that came in the box with me to look out for any swimmers in difficulty. If I spotted one, I’d use my red lifesaver to rescue them with the help of my dolphin friend.

1996 – Vet

In my role as a vet, I mainly cared for cats and dogs, because they were the animals that came in my box with me.

1997 – Paleontologist

As a paleontologist I searched for the remains of dinosaurs. It was important to stay hydrated for this role, so my box included a canteen of water, alongside my bag for carry specimens home.

2001 – Film Star

My starring role in Nutcracker started my film career, although I’d dabbled with acting back in 1987, too. After being cast as the leading lady in this, I went on to star in 27 more movies. There are another couple in the pipeline, too.

2011 – Architect

For this role I had to draw plans for buildings. I used to carry them around with me in a special carrier tube on my back. I also carried a hard hat round with me wherever I went, so I could inspect building sites.


I love animals. My first pet was a horse called Dancer and I’ve cared for 150 different animals since then. I also love keeping fit. It all started with my Ballerina Barbie stage way back in 1961. As I got older, I developed a love for cycling. I even did a stint as a gymnast in 1996.


Ken – contact details supplied on demand.

Ken was my first boyfriend and he also worked with me as a lifeguard in 1994.

Christie – contact details supplied on demand

Christie and I have been friends since 1968, she’ll give me a great character reference.

To get your own .pink web address, visit the UK2 homepage from 4pm today. 

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