May The Force Be With You Hokan

22nd January, 2014 by


Remembering Hokan Hokanson – a valued colleague and much-loved son and brother, who passed away recently.

As an avid Star Wars fan it’s certainly serendipitous that Hokan Hokanson was born on the official Star Wars Day, May 4th. He was more than familiar with the cult expression for wishing people farewell, and one couldn’t tell him happy birthday in a better way than saying, “May the 4th be with you.” Recently, we expressed our farewell to Hokan for the final time; as we bid goodbye to a valued and trusted colleague and friend.

Hokan worked on the technical support team at UK2 for a year and a half. From day one he was admired for his flawless technical knowledge, especially due to his young age. During his time with the company Hokan also became a mentor to his peers.

A passion for technology and empathy for others were deep-rooted parts of Hokan’s personality. He acquired his first bit of tech–a Nintendo DS–at the age of 12, after raising money for the device by stripping wire. But he didn’t stop at stripping enough wire for his own device. He kept going with the arduous task until he had raised enough money to buy his cousin, Levi, one too.

Comments from colleagues include;

“He always had a smile on his face and saw the good around him.”

“I remember multiple occasions that he had the whole team cracking up. He had a way of making heavy situations seem lighter. I will miss his company.”

“Not only did his knowledge stand out, but his care for people did, too.”

“I’ll remember Hokan especially for his brilliance and great work ethic, but also for his kindness towards others.”

“I have always been impressed by Hokan’s character and work ethic. I am happy to have known him so well, and I know that he changed lives for the better. He will be sincerely missed.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Hokan and his family.

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