Feb 19

What’s special about .today?

February 19th, 2014 by

Feb 19

History’s in the making today, as another new web address ending, .today, is launched onto the internet. Looking back over the record books, we discover that February 19th has form when it comes to technology.

1473 Copernicus was born. He’d grow up to discover that the sun was the centre of the universe.

1878 Edison patented the gramophone, the forefather of Walkmans, CD players, and iPods.

1969 Boeing tests its 747 jumbo jet.

1971 The first search warrant is issued for computer storage space.

1974 Pong, the video game, was patented, paving the way for Call of Duty and Pro Evo.

1986 The Mir space station was launched into space by the Soviet Union. 28 years later, American astronaut, Chris Hadfield, would upstage every space station crew in history by filming his version of Bowie’s Ground Control to Major Tom in space.

2002 NASA’s Mars Odyssey space probe begins mapping the surface of Mars. Twelve years later, the Mars One project is launched to find the first people to walk on Mars.

2005 YouTube reaches 4 days old.

To bag yourself your own .today visit the UK2 website from 4pm. The web address endings .construction, .technology, .directory, .kitchen, .land and .contractors are also available this afternoon.

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