3 Must-Haves Before Getting Online

18th July, 2018 by

Creative blogs, exciting ecommerce stores, personal websites… whatever you plan to do with your new online space there are a few necessities that you must have in place before clicking Publish. You’ve probably spent a significant amount of time perfecting images and placing meticulously written text. However, we often find that many website owners have not given much thought to where the website will be located on the internet, how to connect with those who contact with the administrators, and how to keep data safe. Don’t worry, UK2.NET has you covered in all three areas, and our Website Builder bundle provides all the necessary elements of a successful website for one low price.

The Perfect Domain

The first step in working towards online success is to be sure that you have a domain name that sticks with people, while also explaining who you are and what you do. The rules for choosing a domain are:

    • Keep it short
    • Unique is best
    • Make it easy to spell
    • Don’t be afraid of alternate web address endings

UK2.NET allows you to register your domain for 1, 5 or 10 years at a time, so once you find the domains, we can help you hold onto it. And if you are thinking of registering more than one domain for your new website, our bulk registration tool can make registering and managing your domains a simple task.

Professional Email

Emailing potential customers from your Gmail or Yahoo email address isn’t good for business. Your email will be mistaken for spam, or worse – your website could end up on blacklists. A professional email address that ends with @your domain establishes website authority and brand awareness. The good news is that a professional email address doesn’t have to cost a fortune. UK2.NET allows you to add between 100 and an unlimited number of email addresses at prices that start from less than £1. So whether you are just starting out or have large staff numbers that need professional email addresses too, UK2.NET has you covered.

Top Security

Data protection is a crucial element to your online success. Small businesses and ecommerce websites that experience data violations can be destroyed by the reputation caused by a data leak. To avoid these horrific mishaps, be sure that before you ever press Publish that you have a security strategy in place. There are a variety of tools and applications to help you on your way. From SSL certificates, used to encrypt the data that passes between your server and website viewer’s screens, and SiteLock, a proactive service that keeps your data secure, UK2.NET keeps your information safe from anyone who may use it for malicious activities.

Before joining the bustling online world, be sure that your domain, security and email are ready for business. Not only do your website visitors expect you to have the best, but you will save yourself from having to make significant changes to your site once it is live. Be sure to check out our Website Builder bundle to get everything you need to get online. For one low price, you can tick all of the boxes on your website to do list. Once your fully functioning, aesthetically appealing website is ready to go, nothing will be standing in your path to success.

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