5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Setting Up A Business Blog

28th September, 2016 by

The benefits of launching a business blog are many.

In a world where the word ‘blog’ is as ubiquitous as talking about the weather, digestive biscuits and Game of Thrones spoilers, there are five questions you should ask yourself before launching an engaging, informative and useful business blog.

If you’re thinking about starting up a blog for your business, and wondering what a blog could offer you and your company, the proven benefits are endless – from creating a completely different client/customer relationship to really conveying your brand to a worldwide audience in a relevant and recurring form. The word ‘blog’ usually refers to a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. Consider these questions:

“Why should my business have a blog?”

For starters, there is no denying the importance and value of an online presence for your company. Once upon a time a website was enough, but in the increasingly large online community a blog will not only demonstrate what you represent as a company, it will also give your business a personality, instantly conveying your brand and what you stand for. A blog gives you a voice; a blog will give your business the personal touch, and subsequently a more relatable customer experience from the get-go.

“What is the purpose of my blog?”

With a business blog you could express thoughts and new changes at your company, make money, promote business and your brand and add a personal touch to your business. Whatever the purpose, the possibilities of your new blog are endless. Just make sure you know what you want to offer and to stay within these boundaries: if you stay as precise and clear about these aims as you can your blog will sail to success.

“Who is my audience?”

Your blog is an amazing tool – not only can it provide fantastic PR on a controlled platform but it can also reach a huge audience. Knowing and understanding that audience will yield you a higher readership and potential customer basis. Blog analytics are a great way to find out who is reading your blog. The geographical locations of your audience and what day of the week a blog post reaches the maximum number of readers are listed, and this information will help you schedule prime times and days to release articles and blog subjects.

“What is my domain?”

Your domain name is a very important aspect to consider when starting up your blog. To connect and share information with your customer base in the most efficient way your domain needs to be simple, memorable and related to your company. A smart, witty and unforgettable domain will instantly put you a cut above the rest on the road to business blogging success.

“How will customers find my content?”

Blogging greatly improves search engine visibility of your company as people and search engines favour fresh content. It demonstrates relevance and instantly pushes your blog and keywords up in search engine results and therefore your company exposure. Successful blogging paired with engaging informative content are a sure-fire way to propel your business to the next level of customer relation and loyalty.

In conclusion, a blog can not only be a great customer relation tool, it can also demonstrate aspects of a company which are usually more periodically updated. A blog can be useful to help your company stay constantly up to date, from the latest trends, business development to offers and promotions the possibilities are unbounded. Stay current, fresh and appealing to a modern audience, and do not hesitate to invest in a business blog today.

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