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It can sometimes seem as if the entire world is blogging. From celebrities and self-appointed experts to parents and hobbyists, the internet has given everyone a voice. Unfortunately, this democratisation has created a saturated and overcrowded market where finding a relevant blog can be challenging. That’s particularly true given the vogue for businesses to have their own blog pages, hosted within their main websites and often laced with favourable self-publicity.

First-time bloggers typically register an account with one of the major hosting platforms, creating a unique sub-page within the or hierarchy. However, more committed writers will seek out and register dedicated blog domain names, to make their sites easier to find, and more authoritative. Securing one of the ultimate blog domain names is a useful way to increase site visits and appeal to your target audience – but what are the optimal names to go for?

The Blog Domain Name Disasters

Many blog titles feature compound words, such as daddydiaries or veggiefriendly. However, it’s important to ensure these words can only be read in the intended way – consider the IT recycling company who registered as its domain name. If you’re combining multiple words, boost readability by avoiding consecutive words that end and start in the same letter – classiccarregister demonstrates the legibility issues that can ensue. Hyphens have an unwelcome association with spam domains, while it’s easy for first-time visitors to misplace the hyphen and end up looking at a 404 error on an unrelated site. Also try to avoid words that are commonly misspelled, such as I before E except after C words.


What Constitutes a Good Blog Domain Name?

Blog domain names should hint at their subject matter, and search engines will welcome the use of keywords in the domain name when compiling results. Brevity is also encouraged, with studies indicating domain names containing 15 characters or less are easier to remember and receive more traffic. Look for common contractions in your chosen topic, such as F1 or RPG, and try to incorporate a sense of what the blog is offering. In just seven characters, the diyguru domain infers home improvement expertise – and incidentally, UK2 is currently selling the suffix for just £9.90 a year…


A Name to Stand Out?

Some people believe blog domain names should be inventive and creative to stand out in today’s congested marketplace. When obvious domains have already been registered and there’s no concise way to express the blog’s purpose, this represents a viable alternative. A creative title can be memorable, though any made-up name has to be easy to type and pronounce. Don’t choose anything that needs phonetic spelling to be understood, and ensure your chosen blog name will be relevant in years to come. For instance, would effectively negate the prospect of writing about future siblings.


Some Last Blog Domain Name Tips

Avoid misplaced traffic (and legal issues) by resisting any temptation to mimic a rival blog domain with a slightly modified URL. For similar reasons, always purchase the .com domain if it’s available – it’s the default suffix most people will instinctively enter into their browser. You don’t want audiences visiting a rival website by mistake, simply because another blogger registered the .com address first…

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