5 Top Tips For Marketing Your Business

6th December, 2016 by

Having your own website is a great first step into the world of online business. You have designed, planned and implemented your site and chosen a great hosting provider (just like UK2!). But now its time to show the world what you are about: its time for some website marketing.

Here are 5 top marketing tips from the experts:

1. Give visitors a reason to choose your site: A top tip from Bryan Eisenberg, founder and CMO of IdealSpot: People need a reason to come to your website. For example, if you have an online shop selling shoes, and your site faces major competition from similar e-tailers, why would a potential customer choose your store over someone else’s? Give shoppers a reason: how about a special promotion on Sundays or exclusive events and online coupons? 

2. Craft your content carefully: This tip is brought to you by Jim Connolly, an online marketing advisor since 1995. Connolly advises that you should give to receive: providing your readers/customers with valuable, high quality content. According to Connolly, content marketing is “unbeatable when it comes to attracting new clients, sales leads, inquiries and subscribers.”A fine example of content marketing is Connolly’s own blog, through which he provides thousands of free, regular marketing ideas to his audience, existing and new. This encourages his readers to trust his marketing expertise, with many readers hiring him for marketing services.

3. Use the power of email to promote your business: Be careful with email marketing; the one thing you want to avoid is sending emails for sending’s sake. No one wants to be spammed, so your email campaigns need to be well spaced, fully optimised and engaging. Lindsay Kolowich spotlights a few examples of great email marketing in this article, which your business may find useful.

4. Network: In order to succeed in business you need to build a network. Website marketing needs to start with a group of people who really believe in and enjoy your product or service. The size of the network is not the most important, its the influence the people in your network have that is essential to its succeeding. Connolly argues that it is a waste of time attending networking events as everyone there has the same objective as you: to market themselves. He suggests you identify the “30 most influential people in your marketplace.” This group should include high quality prospective clients and influential introducers. Then, put a plan together that will allow you to EARN their attention.”Once you have influencers on board, you can consult them at any time. Imagine how precious that is.

5. Utilize social media: Your website can be brought to the attention of thousands of people through social media channels. Your business or service needs to have at least three social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Regular updates and posts letting your followers know what you are up to is a great way to engage. You can use big calendar events such as holidays to create promotions, show happy customers with your products or you can feature positive comments from readers on your blog. You can even run paid advertising campaigns to increase the reach.

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