A Lesson In Domain Name Strategy From Coca Cola!

10th September, 2015 by

It’s always wise to take a leaf out of some of the big industry names’ books when it comes to marketing your business, and Coca Cola get it right every time.

Ingenuity is the name of the game when it comes to marketing strategy nowadays. With a plethora of digital content platforms ready and available for your business to take advantage of, and an increasingly desensitised consumer demographic who won’t pay attention to your brand unless they really want to, times are hard for businesses.

And so it stands to reason that when looking for marketing inspiration we should be paying attention to those brands who have stood the test of time, consistently prospering in an ever-changing consumer environment which demands anything and everything from our businesses. Coca Cola is a prime example of a business who hits the nail on the head time after time, and their new ‘The AHH Effect’ campaign has marketing departments the world over face palming and muttering “why didn’t we think of that?”.

So just what is The AHH Effect?

Coke have gone all onomatopoeic with their latest campaign, maximising on the ‘ahh’ sound we as human consumers make when we’re feeling refreshed. By focusing on this noise of satisfaction Coke are hitting home from the onset of their campaign that their beverages are, first and foremost, refreshing and satisfying.

But it’s not the clever title that we’re impressed with the most here at UK2: it’s their clever use of gamification and a winning domain name strategy.

Coke have truly gone all out with their latest campaign, registering no fewer than 61 domain names to house the campaign’s online presence. As of now, every domain name from ahh.com with two ‘h’s and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.com with 60 ‘h’s will direct you to The AHH Effect. That’s right, any variation of the word ‘ahh’ can be tapped into a search bar to find the site.

Each domain name is unique, however. The AHH Effect uses gamification to bring Coke to the masses; each domain name houses a unique game or activity for us to get lost in. *Note* we recommend you don’t visit the site on work time, unless you wish to lose hours of your life to chasing around little bottles of Coke and navigating all sorts of individual games.

The use of gamification is fast becoming a popular marketing strategy as it exposes your consumers to your product without directly appearing to be a selling strategy. Whilst navigating The AHH Effect you will come into contact with countless Coke references without ever feeling like you’re being forced into making a purchase. It works too! I cracked open a can of Diet Coke following a peruse of the site.

This shift in marketing strategy heralds the arrival of a new age in consumer-facing advertising. No longer will brute force pop-ups reel in a potential customer, especially in an age where the up and coming Generation Z are your target demographic. So take a leaf out of the Coca Cola advertising manual and think outside the box for your next marketing campaign; the potential for the internet as a tool to widen your consumer reach is endless, so make sure you use it to your advantage.

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