Build The Best Team For Your Business

29th July, 2015 by

All good businesses are built by a strong team. While at times we think we can run the show by ourselves, it’s important to share the load…

We’ve all been of the mind that we can do the job better ourselves. “If you want it doing right, you have to do it yourself” is a mantra celebrated worldwide by the go-getters, but not at UK2. Like thousands of other businesses across the globe we take pride in our team, and you should too.

From The Avengers to the Fantastic Four, the good guys all have one thing in common; they’re more powerful together.

For small businesses a strong team is of utmost importance. In those early days you’ll meet a barrage of obstacles thrown your way just to trip you up. A lack of resources, the difficulty of obtaining funding and the simple legalities of setting up a business can be tricky to tackle for any budding entrepreneurs. In fact, more than half of all startups fail in the first year; make sure your team is on the successful side of that figure.

So what types of employee should you be looking for to give your business a fighting chance?

The big shot

While there’s definitely no ‘I’ in ‘team’, all businesses need a figure head. Like Richard Branson is to Virgin and Ronald McDonald is to the big golden ‘M’, your biz needs a leader both internally and on the surface: a poster person. This person is likely the founder of the startup, the one with the ‘big idea’ and the person to carry it through to the end. Every business needs one: without the big shot your business is without a lynchpin and may just end up on the cutting room floor.

The mathematician

This one’s pretty obvious: all businesses old and new need a team player who knows how to crunch the numbers. Acquiring funding for your business venture can be a huge challenge: is crowdfunding for you? Do you enlist the help of the bank? Balancing the books is vital, especially when starting out.

The passionate one

Ideally your whole team will have passion, but at least one team player whose heart is fully in the business can turn failure into success. Without the drive to succeed your plans are likely to fall flat on their face. Every team needs ‘the passionate one’ who seems to spend every waking hour plugged into the business. This is the one who will give your whole team the motivation to succeed, inspiring passion when times are at their toughest!

The wordsmith

Just as important as your mathematician is your wordsmith. As we are all told time and again: content is king. Today’s business is conducted online, so your website needs some killer content to engage with an audience. All of your communications and marketing materials need to be worded to a tee, so don’t underestimate the power of the literary member of your team.

The flexible one

Small businesses and startups traditionally have fewer than 50 employees; when starting out you may only be a handful of friends with a dream. Flexibility is required in each of your team members as at times the workload can be stretched thin, and you’ll need to put your hand to a variety of tasks in order to get things done! True flexibility is invaluable in a business.

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