Choosing the Perfect Personal Email Address

6th February, 2017 by

When you’re setting up a new company, choosing the right email address represents an important consideration. For many firms, this will be their primary method of communication, used for invoicing, handling new business enquiries and negotiating contracts.

What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

Despite the improving reputations of specialist email providers like Google, whose Gmail service is increasingly being adopted by small businesses around the world, nothing looks as professional as a personal email address linked to your company domain. If you run a small business called Imaginatory, will represent your brand far better than The former infers professionalism and a cohesive corporate entity, whereas the latter suggests a homespun enterprise with few IT resources to call upon. That’s okay if you sell vintage clothes at weekend antique fairs, but it’s less advisable if you’re opening a dedicated shop and trading as a company.

Domain Names and Extensions

Clearly, the first step to matching a personal email address with your company domain requires choosing an appropriate domain name. This should be relevant to your business (ideally including at least part of the brand name) while being as concise as possible. Don’t rely on an obscure top level domain like .tech or .earth as your primary website address, since there’s always a danger people will enter a .com suffix out of habit and end up on a totally different site. This is also a risk with email; people contacting our fictional Imaginatory firm might mistakenly put .com at the end of their emails, rather than specifying the correct TLD. These messages would end up being sent to a different firm altogether, or simply be returned as undelivered. And that’s not a situation any company can tolerate on a long-term basis.

Hello? Info? Contact?

With an appropriate domain name secured, the next step in acquiring a personal email address involves choosing a prefix that’s fairly easy to dictate down the phone. Stock prefixes like ‘hello’ or ‘mail’ are also popular choices, though your own name is always a good option. Companies with more than one staff member sometimes distinguish email accounts by using employee forenames, which only becomes a problem if two people with the same name end up working there…

Web Hosting and Email Hosting

High-quality web hosting clients will include a number of email accounts with each domain they sell, while additional email addresses can be purchased separately. At UK2 Group, we provide up to five email addresses at no extra cost, ensuring every sent message or business card reinforces your company’s domain name through its contact details. It’s possible to request up to a hundred different mailboxes for separate users or sub-brands, with integrated protection against spam and viruses. Webmail access means messages can be checked from anywhere, alongside compatibility with email packages like Outlook or Thunderbird.

And finally, if you’ve spent the last few paragraphs thinking that Imaginatory is a great name for a company, UK2 can sell you the domain name for just £6.49 per year. We’ll even include five personal email addresses at no extra charge…
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