Five WordPress Plugins to Control Email Signups

18th October, 2013 by

email signupsMost blog authors have to deal with registration spam. Sites with free membership options such as WordPress, will most likely encounter the problem of registration spam. In this installment of our series on WordPress plugins, we will discuss five plugins that you can use to control email sign ups on your website.

1. User Domain Whitelist. The User Domain Whitelist/Blacklist plugin controls email sign ups by allowing user registration of registrants based on the email address from the domain white list defined by the author. It can also prevent registration of those using an email address from the domain black list. Any user who tried to register using an email address from the black list will receive an error message. For example, the author defines the domain in the white list; a user registering with an email address of will successfully register in the site. However, if is listed in the blacklist, the user will not be able to sign up to the site.

2. Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin. The Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin is a powerful plugin which monitors spammer IPs early in the comment and registration process. If a user attempts to leave a comment, log in, or register in WordPress and the plugin detects a spammer IP, it will stop the comment or registration process and display an access denied message to the spammer. The blog/site author can control the error message, or redirect the spammer to another page. The plugin checks a user’s credentials against, Project Honeypot and BotScout. This effectively blocks spammers in WordPress, eliminating 99% of spam registrations and comments.

3. User Spam Remover. The User Spam Remover is a plugin that automatically removes spam user registrations, and other orphaned, unused user accounts. It blocks the WordPress notification email that is sent by default to the administrator every time a new user registers and instead, this plugin logs this event. It is fully configurable, logs actions and creates a backup of all deleted user accounts. The User Spam Remover is user-friendly and doesn’t interfere with the normal registration process.

4. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam. This plugin adds CAPTCHA to the registration form in WordPress. It can also include CAPTCHA in forms for comments, lost password, login and other processes in the site. It displays a code which a user has to type before registration or posting a comment, adding security and preventing spam from robotized users. This plugin can be configured from the Admin panel and allows trackbacks and Pingbacks. The administrator can hide the CAPTCHA from logged in users and/or other admins.

5. Sabre. Sabre means Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine. This plugin prevents spam registration on your WordPress. Sabre is a set of counter measures to finally stop spammers. Its features include the following:
• Inclusion of CAPTCHA in the registration form – the administrator can select the CAPTCHA’s complexity, and background color of the CAPTCHA image.
• Inclusion of a Math and/or text test in the registration form.
• Blocks registration if Javascript is unsupported or if the visitor’s IP address is found on ban lists.

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