Cracking down on abuse

24th May, 2007 by

Here at UK2 we are cracking down on abuse, including fraudulent websites, phishing scams, spammers, crackers etc.

We recently beefed up our abuse team with several new members to deal with incoming abuse reports.

We’ve set up automated processes to search for fraudulent-looking mailboxes and websites which are reported to our abuse team to be investigated, and shut down if they are found to be fraudulent.

So far this week, we’ve terminated over 1,700 UK2 mailboxes for various reasons including running phishing scams and spamming.

Our improved responses have been noticed by Artists Against 419, an anti-phishing group:

…it looks like they’ve made some very positive changes. A recent email to
abuse@ resulted in closure of a scam site in approximately two hours (a very
respectable response time). So not only are they answering tickets, they’re
answering them promptly, and abuse emails are automatically routed to the
ticket system!

Thumbs up to for improving their attitude and performance. Keep it up!

We will not tolerate abuse of our systems, and will take swift action against anyone caught doing so. If you wish to report a spammer or fraudster using our services, please raise a ticket in our abuse queue or email If reporting spam or phishing email please include full message headers in your report.

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