Domain Name Dos & Don’ts

4th February, 2016 by

When it comes to registering a domain name for your business there are a few rules.

Registering a domain name with UK2 could not be easier. You simply head over to our domain name registration page, enter your desired domain name and check if it’s available. From there on in the domain name is in your custody, and you can use it to house your website or simply save it for whenever you may need it in the future.

While the registration process is relatively simple, the thought process behind selecting the domain name for you isn’t always such plain sailing. As you may know, all aspects of the online world are monitored and ranked by Google and other search engines, and your domain name could well be the undoing of your brand if you make the wrong decision here.

Not only will Google penalise you for a bad domain name choice, but your potential customers could be swayed for or against making a purchase from your website judging by your domain name. Remember: it’s the first aspect of your website that they will encounter if they visit your website from a browser, so put the extra thought into making it professional and relatable.

Here are a few dos and don’ts of picking out a domain name:

DO make it relevant

You’ll hear the word “keywords” a lot when putting together your website. You’ll need to pack in a few keywords to your content if you hope to score points with Google, and you should try and fit at least one into your domain name. Unless you’re the next Twitter or Google, your domain name should be relevant and easily understood: if you’re a plumber it’s OK to go for, although it may of course already have been snapped up.

DON’T use too many symbols and numerical characters

Your domain name should be easy for potential site visitors to grasp: it should be easily spelt and quick to spread by word of mouth. When dashes are included in your web address this can confuse your potential customers who may wind up on a completely different website by mistake. Try to stick to alphabetical characters, and only include numbers if they are a part of your brand name.

DO consider generic top level domains

Although we definitely recommend you bag the .com version of your domain name if you possibly can, you should consider the range of domain name options for your business. There are several geographical and industry-specific domain names on offer from just a few pounds a month; these could be used to house specific pages of your website or just kept to avoid competitors snapping them up.

DON’T let your domain name expire

Keep on top of when your domain name is due for renewal, because if you let it expire your site will be inaccessible. Most domain name registrars will give you adequate notice by email of when your domain name is due to expire, so be sure to keep your details up to date so as to avoid any mishaps.

Get your very own domain name now by heading over to our domain name registration page.

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