End-Of-Year Checklist: Your Online Presence

30th December, 2015 by

You’ve set all objectives for the coming year – or at least the first quarter – and that’s great. Now it’s time to do some housekeeping…

Over the past few days we’ve been running our end-of-year checklist series, aimed at getting everything in order for the new year. A new year means a fresh slate for your books, so make sure everything’s in order heading towards 2016. Take a look at part’s one and two of this series which explore your business review and setting your 2016 objectives.

In today’s digital age it’s your business website which holds everything together. Through your website customers old, new and potential can contact you, find out more about your service and make orders. With this in mind there’s a few things you need to be sure of when heading into January. Once you’re got your goals for the future firmly in place there are a few last-minute housekeeping duties for your brand’s online presence.

Consider the following questions and their solutions:

  • When does your domain name expire?

If your domain name is set to expire over the coming year be sure to have a note of the lapse date so you can renew it. If it is left to expire you are open yourself up to risk from domain squatters and potentially competitors snapping it up to damage your business and steal your website traffic. Note: if you’re a UK2 customer you can set your domains to autorenew within your CHI control panel.

  • When does your web hosting package expire?

Again, you shouldn’t let your web hosting package expire as your site will be taken offline if that happens. In online business your website is essential, and if it goes down you risk losing valuable revenue and customer trust. Make a note of when this will lapse and make sure you renew it or upgrade it to avoid disappointing your customers. You can also set this to autorenew within your CHI control panel as a UK2 customer.

  • Do you see any immediate growth in your business this year?

If you anticipate that your website will be receiving more traffic over the coming year – due to a growth in business or a rise in online popularity – you should consider investing in your web hosting solution to be sure that it can take the strain of any additional traffic. Consider investing in a dedicated server which will provide ample resources and bandwidth capabilities to cope with a spike in popularity. Check out our prices and tech specs here.

  • How are you ranking in the search engines?

Your business website won’t see much traffic if it’s not performing well in the search engine rankings, but search engine optimisation – or SEO – can be difficult to master. Website SEO Guru from UK2 will scan your website completely free of charge, and then optionally make suggestions on areas which need altering in order to see your site’s ranking improve. The Guru provides simple step-by-step guides to search engine success, so even SEO novices can boost their ranking with ease.

If you’re setting out in business in 2016 online services from UK2 can provide everything you need to create a successful online presence.

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