Every Business Needs Email Hosting – Here’s Why

2nd April, 2018 by

There is an ongoing debate about whether social media accounts are essential for a modern business to survive, or whether firms could thrive without SEO. However, there are two things every online enterprise needs, regardless of its industry. It has to have a website, and it needs an email account.

A world without inboxes?

Despite concerns in the Noughties that spam volumes might eventually kill off email, it remains an essential method of communication. That’s particularly true for corporate messages, which accounted for most of the estimated 269 billion emails sent daily last year. Emails can serve as a binding contract, and they’re great for obtaining definitive answers or updates. Customers are more likely to enquire or complain via email than any other platform, and email marketing conversion rates are 40 times higher than through Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

You’ll rarely encounter a company without an @ symbol somewhere on its Contact page because email hosting’s benefits far outweigh the limited cost involved. When you register a new website domain with UK2, we’ll offer you a choice of email hosting services for just 99p a month. You’ll receive two gigabytes of storage, round-the-clock technical support and protection against viruses and spam. You can access webmail on almost any device, though messages are easily imported into packages like Outlook or Thunderbird. And real-time synchronisation ensures your account will be completely up to date with recent activity, whenever and wherever it’s accessed.

Building a brand

More importantly, email hosting gives you an address that dovetails with your brand. When a customer buys something through John Smith Ltd, they expect to receive an email from sales@johnsmithltd.co.uk, not zxcv@gmail.com. The latter could be from absolutely anyone, whereas the former clearly relates to their recent purchase. And since the public is regularly advised not to open unsolicited mail (particularly if it contains attachments), identifying messages as having a legitimate source helps to ensure they’ll be received and read.

A proprietary email account also provides free advertising. Whenever a message arrives in someone’s inbox, it’s subliminally reinforcing your brand. As the digital equivalent of a business card, it can be forwarded and shared endlessly. And depending on the chosen prefix (sales@, johnsmith@, etc), it could identify the author’s name, department or key areas of responsibility. It’s no surprise that UK2’s business customers usually sign up for our email hosting services, making the most of their online presence.

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