Everything You Need To Set Up Your eCommerce Online Shop

18th November, 2016 by

Open the doors to your very own virtual shop today with this checklist of essentials.

So you’ve decided to open an online shop? Getting your business up and running online isn’t hard, but ensuring your online shop is secure, searchable and simple can be a bigger demand. An online shop could be a huge earner for your established offline business, just as it can provide a stable income for mumtrapreneurs and other independent retailers.

Make sure you have all the following boxes ticked when launching your eCommerce online shop:

  1. You’ve registered a domain name.

There’s no use having an online store if you don’t have a web address; your website can’t exist without one. Picking a domain name can be easy if you already have a brand name in mind, so be sure to match your business name and web address accordingly. If your business name is quite generic – for example Bathrooms Online – then the corresponding domain name will likely be taken already.

This is where it pays to think outside the box with your business name to avoid sending potential customers to competitors with similar names. If your domain name and your brand name are memorable and unique, then your online customers are more likely to remember your domain and spell it correctly when searching for your online shop.

A domain name should be short, sharp and easy to remember. Find out if yours is available and register it today over on our domain name registration page.

2. You’ve considered your web hosting options.

There are a few different web hosting solutions that could fit the needs of your online shop, so be sure to do your research before you settle for the solution with the lowest price tag. Investing in your web hosting solution will benefit your business as web hosting powers your website, and if your hosting can’t cope with the size of your site or the demands of your website traffic then it’s likely to cause downtime, which could spell disaster for your business.

Check out reviews of the web hosts you’re considering to be sure they offer a respectable service, and get in touch with sales teams to decide on which hosting solution best suits the needs of your e-business. You can chat live with our expert team right now by clicking here: they’d be happy to discuss the best route for your eCommerce online shop’s website hosting.

3. Your website has shopping cart functionality.

No eCommerce online shop is complete without a shopping cart, as your customers must be able to actually select your products and make purchases from directly within your website. If you’re considering building your shop using a website builder tool, make sure it offers eCommerce functionality. UK2’s eCommerce Online Shop Builder gives you everything you need to list and price your products in no time at all, so you can get busy making money. Find out how it could empower your online business here.

4. You have a trusted payment gateway.

Today’s online customers are more aware of their online security than ever, and it’s your responsibility as an e-tailer to ensure that their payments to your business are secure. Using a third party payment gateway such as PayPal or Stripe will encourage your customers to feel comfortable shopping on your website, as they know and trust these established brands. With eCommerce Online Shop Builder you’ll be given the option to receive payments via PayPal or Stripe, ensuring your customers can shop safely and securely.

5. Your have an SSL certificate.

Many of today’s e-customers will look out for a sign that your site is secure before they commit to trusting your brand. An SSL certificate will add the “https” prefix to your site’s URL, and display a padlock symbol in the browser bar of your website’s visitors. This indicates that the site is secure to shop, and that their sensitive information is fully encrypted when being transmitted to your business. Building trust in your customers is an eCommerce essential, so SSL is of vital importance to your online shop.

Start building your very own eCommerce online shop today with Online Shop Builder from UK2.

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