How To Launch Your Online Presence: Part 1

4th October, 2016 by

Everything you need to set up your business online is right here!

Getting your business online doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve been in the online business game for almost two decades, helping everyone from small-time bloggers to giant corporations build their online presence and grow their business. We know our way around the internet, and it’s that expertise that can empower your business to succeed.

Unfortunately the odds are stacked up against startups; just one in 10 businesses is likely to make it past year three! The digital age has created a very competitive online environment and it’s a dog-eat-dog world for any potential entrepreneurs. For this reason, your online presence is vital. And that’s where we come in!

So how can UK2 get your business set up online?

Your domain name

The first step for any potential business is to register a domain name. Much like the name of your business, the domain name you decide on will become a big part of your brand, and this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. We host over 1,000,000 domain names around the world, so we know the recipe for a strong web address. Firstly, you should try and secure the .com domain name for your business, as it is the most widely recognised web address ending. Keeping things short and sweet before the ‘dot’ is recommended, so your website visitors are less likely to forget or misspell it.

Register your domain name today here.

Your website

Whether you want to build your site yourself or have a team of expert designers take care of the design and build, we have the package for you. We offer a Website Builder tool and an Online Shop Builder, both of which will provide you with a fully functional, mobile optimised site that looks great on any screen. Website Builder will help you showcase your website, and is great for bloggers. Online Shop Builder comes with full shop functionality so you can trade with the world with ease.

For more information about how Website Builder and Online Shop Builder can empower your business check out this whitepaper.

Launching your business can be time consuming, and you may feel that you don’t have the time to build a website, even with a handy simple website builder. Our partners at Design Direct UK can build your website from the ground up in collaboration with you, so you can put your mind to the thousands of other entrepreneurial tasks on your business mind!

Find out more about our bespoke website design service here.

Your business marketing

Marketing has changed a lot over the past decade; today is digital. If your business hopes to keep up with the competition you should have a strong online marketing plan, complete with search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is vital to your business as it will affect how many potential customers can find your website via the search engines; many of today’s online customers will Google the product they’re looking to buy to find the best deal. Our Website SEO Guru will scan your website completely FREE, providing you with a report on how well your site is currently ranking. From there the paid package will provide you with simple guides to improving your site to rank better with the search engines, which should boost your site’s traffic and hopefully your conversions!

Get your FREE SEO report today by clicking here.

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