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Hey – Having gone through Top tips for marketing your web site and Top tips for registering a domain name this time I’d like to take you through Nominets guide on “How .uk works – and the basics of registering .uk domain names”

Take a read though – and go register your own .uk domain with us, its easy, fast and only costs £2.99!

Choosing a second level domain
If you are registering a .uk domain name through us you will have a contract with us
and a contract with Nominet, the registry that manages domain names ending in .uk
(see ‘The three way contract’ below for details).

The .uk top level domain is separated into a number of second level domains,
abbreviated to SLDs. People are encouraged to register a domain name within the
SLD that corresponds to their type of activity. The SLDs that Nominet manage are: for commercial enterprises; for non-commercial organisations;
for personal domains; and for registered company names only;
for Internet Service Providers and for schools. The most popular Second
Level Domain (SLD) within the .uk register is, which accounts for 91.3% of

Registering your domain name
Complete our domain name application form with your contact details and the
domain name you want, and we will register it with Nominet on your behalf. It is
important that you provide us with accurate contact details so that we and Nominet
can contact you about your domain name in the future, for example to renew it for
you at the end of the initial two year registration period (see ‘Renewals’ below for

The three way contract
When you register a .uk domain name you are entering into two separate binding

Contract with us

You should understand your rights and obligations under this contract with us. Make
sure that your contact details are correct.

Contract with Nominet

Because you are registering a .uk domain name you also have a contract with
Nominet, the registry for all domain names ending in .uk. You need to comply with
Nominet’s Terms and Conditions. Registering a .uk domain name entitles you to be a
domain name holder and use it for two years. However, you do not become the
owner of the domain name. If you do not renew it at the end of the two year period, it
becomes available for other potential applicants.

Nominet’s welcome email
When you register or renew a domain name you will receive a welcome email from
Nominet. You can use the link in the welcome email to access Nominet’s online
services and check that your contact details are correct.

The welcome email contains a secure link to access your account with Nominet.
When you access your account for the first time you will be asked to set a password.
The link contained in your welcome email is only active for 30 days and once clicked
cannot be used again. We recommend that you set up your account password as
soon as you receive the welcome email to ensure a high level of security.

Any password that you choose is your individual password and should not be shared.
If additional access is required then you can add administrative contacts to your
account. Administrative contacts are set up in the same way using a welcome email
to set their own password.

If you have not received a welcome email you can access an account for existing
domain names using the security code on your original confirmation of registration
letter. If you do not have either a welcome email or your original confirmation letter
and security code, you need to contact Nominet to activate your account. In order to
manually activate your account they need to know the domain name, the registrant
name (this is the name in which the domain was registered), and the email contact
address given at the time of registration. If all of this information is correct Nominet
will issue a welcome email enabling you to activate your account.

Maintaining your domain name


.uk domain name registrations are sold for a period of two years and need to be
renewed every subsequent two years. You can renew your domain name up to six
months before it is due to expire. Just let us know that you would like to renew the
domain name and we can renew it for you with Nominet.

Nominet currently runs a campaign that will help remind you to renew your domain, read more about it on 🙂

If you don’t contact us about the renewal, you will receive a renewal reminder email
from Nominet suggesting that you should contact us and ask us to renew the domain
name for you. If you still don’t contact us you will receive a pro forma invoice from
Nominet for the renewal by email and post seven days after the domain name is due
to expire. This is because under the terms of your contract with Nominet they cannot
cancel the domain name unless they have contacted you to remind you to renew it.

If you decide that you don’t want your domain name any longer and you wish to
transfer it to someone else, we can also process the transfer through Nominet on
your behalf.

Cancelling your domain name
If you decide that you don’t want your domain name any longer and wish to cancel it,
we can arrange to do this through Nominet on your behalf.

I hope this has given you a bit of insight into the world of .UK’s – and after getting your domain name make sure to get some good quality web hosting here so you can get your new website live!



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