Introducing StarterSite Plus

Exciting new product announcement! Welcome to the official launch of StarterSite Plus!

If you are familiar with our StarterSite tool, then you know how easy it is to create a website in five minutes or less. If not, then you’ve come at the perfect time to access new, exciting features to help make your single-page website a success.

What is StarterSite? 

StarterSite is a free website tool that is available to anyone who registers a domain with UK2.NET. Simply activate the StarterSite tool within your CHI account and start building your single-page website. Within just five minutes you will have built a fully functional, streamlined, informative website to share with the world.

Who should use StarterSite?

If you have a domain, then StarterSite is for you! StarterSite is the perfect solution if you:

  • Are waiting for your larger website to be completed 
  • Only need a single-page website for your business or organisation
  • Have purchased a domain and simply want to park a website as a placeholder 

The best part is that no technical expertise is required. From StarterSite activation to publishing your new website, StarterSite is so user-friendly that anyone with an internet-enabled device can quickly join the digital world. Now all that’s left is to choose which StarterSite option is best for you… 

Welcome to StarterSite Plus

We are excited to announce that StarterSite now comes with two options:

  1. Our freemium version of the StarterSite website builder tool.
  2. StarterSite Plus, now with additional website building features to complete your website with all of your important information.

The freemium version of StarterSite includes basic amenities like easy-share social media buttons, opening and closing times, and auto-optimisation so your website automatically looks great on any sized screen. 

Our Premium features help transform your website into a complete resource for your important information, including a photo gallery, additional content blocks, and a custom background image. Choose to add any of these features to your StarterSite for £1 per month, or opt for StarterSite Plus and receive additional website features as part of the package. 

StarterSite Plus Perks

We are excited to announce StarterSite Plus, our new paid feature for only £3.99 per month. Instantly access the following Premium StarterSite features: 

  • Three 10GB professional email accounts
  • All current premium features including:
    • An image gallery 
    • Up to ten content blocks 
    • Custom background image
  • Access to additional premium features – coming soon in 2019

Enjoy all of the Premium features (a £3 value) PLUS three 10GB email addresses that use your domain name as the messages’ origin. Display the brand reputability and professionalism that your business deserves with StarterSite Plus. And there’s more…

Additional StarterSite Plus features

StarterSite Plus is the third version of StarterSite offered from UK2.NET, and includes some fresh, new features:

  • Fully customisable and mobile-responsive navigation bar and menu labels
  • Improved user interface for easy configuration
  • Easy markdown buttons for simple HTML features like bold, italics, font sizes, headings, etc. 
  • Shareable Snapchat social button
  • Personalised ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ headlines
  • Easy editing for footer text
  • Quick activation for the StarterSite tool

To activate your StarterSite tool or to access StarterSite Plus, simply log into your CHI account with your username and password and click the StarterSite icon.