Is Your Website Ready For 2019?

26th December, 2018 by

With each new year come new challenges, goals, and opportunities. Is your website ready to handle whatever comes its way in 2019? See our list of top tips below for preparing for success in the year ahead:

SEO and organic traffic opportunity

If you are looking to boost organic search traffic this coming year, there are a few ways to get started. First, be sure that your website loads quickly (see the Boost speeds and site visitors section below). Second, get some SEO help from the experts.

Website SEO Guru

Our Website SEO Guru will quickly scan your website and look for any cracks in your search engine optimisation where traffic may be falling through. A full report will detail any issues found with a detailed description of how to remedy the issue. If you run into any snags, our expert technical support staff can lend a hand.

Boost speeds and site visitors

Websites that load quickly (in 3 seconds or less) are critical in today’s busy online marketplace. Speeding up your website by just a few seconds can increase traffic, SEO performance, and overall sales. It’s worth taking some time to learn how you might load your pages just a few minutes faster.


Simply add Cloudflare to your hosting package for extra website security, speed, and intelligence. Cloudflare offers web performance and security for any website, from large corporation sites to single pages. Their Content Delivery Network will store copies of your website in multiple locations around the globe to put your data where it needs to be.

Extra security and reputability

Did you know that on average 5,000 websites are attacked every day? Malware, spam, and other cyber attacks are everywhere, which is why you need to show website visitors that you prioritise security in 2019.


Protect your website from malware while being proactive in your website security. SiteLock will quickly scan your website, remove any nasties found, and notify you if any infiltrations are found in the future. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your data is protected around the clock from malware that could steal credit card information, passwords, or put your website offline altogether.

SSL Certificates

As online shopping increases, so does the need to be sure that each connection we make is properly encrypted. Installing an SSL Certificate for your website shows your website traffic that you are careful with their personal information. They will know that you have invested in website security by the green padlock in the address bar of their screen and the word “secure” as they enter your website. To add an SSL Certificate to your website, simply log into your CHI account and add it to your shopping cart. For information on how to add an SSL Certificate to your cPanel account, see this article from the UK2 blog.

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Don’t begin 2019 without the tools and services you need to be secure and successful.