Keep Your Website Safe From Malware

20th May, 2019 by

Did you know that every day 5,000 websites are attacked by malware? Don’t let your website become part of this statistic. Today we discuss how to keep your site free of malware while also keeping website traffic safe.

Introducing SiteLock

UK2.NET has partnered with SiteLock to bring you the very best in website protection. SiteLock protects your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by monitoring your website for vulnerabilities and attacks.

Also, you can arm your website with the SiteLock seal to let customers know that you are watching out for their data security. The SiteLock trust seal reassures anyone who visits your website that you can be trusted with their personal data.

What’s included?

With your SiteLock installation you will receive an instant scan, then subsequent daily scans that comb your website pages, network, and applications for malware. Also included is SQL Injection scanning and Cross Site Scripting monitoring. SiteLock will also sift through search engines to be sure that your website doesn’t appear on any blacklists, and ensure that your business, domain, phone number, SSL certificate, and business address are verified as legitimate.

SiteLock will equip your website with spam protection and CAPTCHA security to be sure that spam messages aren’t making it through your Contact Us page. As a bonus, SiteLock also scans the web for anyone who might be looking to steal your content. In the event that SiteLock finds a security threat connected to your website, you will be instantly alerted with recommendations on how to secure the threat. SiteLock’s global network is always on to be sure that you are protected from any identified malicious activity.  

CDN to the rescue

SiteLock will also help you deliver your content as fast as possible while also staying completely secure. Their global Content Delivery Network (CDN) caches your content in various locations around the world to make sure that requests are fulfilled lightning fast, no matter where they originated from. All cached content is automatically minified and optimised for quick connections and packet delivery.

Get instant protection

Add SiteLock to your website in just a few clicks – no technical expertise is necessary. Simply log into your UK2.NET CHI account and add SiteLock to your shopping cart. Finish the checkout process, and within seconds SiteLock can be scanning your website and email for malware, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Have a mess to clean up?

Sometimes malware can create a mess before you even were aware that you’ve become vulnerable. If so, don’t worry. UK2.NET can help here too. Our Managed Security Clean-Up Services can get you back on track after a security breach. If your system has been compromised, our team of clean-up experts can review your system, find out how the bad guys got in and secure it, and take care of any nasties that have been left behind. The last thing we will do is fortify your plugins, applications, and website to be sure that you have the best defence possible for your data. Don’t wait, let Managed Security Clean-Up help you with the mess.

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For more information on how SiteLock can secure your website visit UK2.NET today.