Security breach? We’ll get you back on track

It seems like the bad guys can find a way in despite your best security efforts. If your databases, applications, or websites have been compromised or infected by malware, UK2.NET can help get you back to a stable and secure state. Our Level 3 engineers will review your entire setup, remove any nasties, update your applications and plugins, and close unnecessary access routes to minimise the risk of being compromised again. We’ll employ recognised best practice for a variety of applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more.

Managed Security Clean-Up Benefits

  • Security investigation - We’ll investigate how your system became compromised.
  • Clean-up - We’ll remove any viruses, malware, or rogue users we discover.
  • Harden - We’ll fortify your plugins and applications, following recognized security best practices.

Restart with Managed Security Clean-Up

If you suspect that your application, website, or database has experienced a security breach, please contact Technical Support via chat, email, or ticket through your control panel. A technical support engineer will contact you to discuss your options and plan a way forward.

How much is Managed Security Clean-Up?

For a single application, we charge a flat fee of £150. For multiple applications or complex requirements, we charge £300. Our L3 support engineers will confirm pricing with you before taking any steps to be sure that you’re happy to go ahead.

To get started, please contact Technical Support, or raise a ticket.