How To Launch Your Online Presence: Part 2

6th October, 2016 by

Your business website is nothing without some powerful technology behind it.

Here at UK2 we specialise in supporting the startup journey. We help businesses grow from an idea into a fully established and popular web presence. In Part One of this short series we looked at how UK2 can help get your business website established and built; now we’ll give you a whirlwind tour of your website hosting options.

We’ve been hosting websites for over 15 years, giving power to some of the world’s biggest and best websites. We have data centre presence around the world, catering to our global customers and their own global audiences. From bloggers to businesses, UK2 have a web hosting solution for everyone.

So what are your hosting options?

Shared Website Hosting

Shared hosting is our bread and butter; we host thousands of websites around the world. Shared hosting is just that: hosting that’s shared. You’ll share resources with several other UK2 customers: all of your website data will be stored on the same machine, and you’ll share the RAM and bandwidth of the server. Shared hosting is ideal for small businesses getting started out and bloggers, as small sites don’t require the storage and power of a larger machine.

VPS Cloud

You’ll hear the term “the cloud” everywhere you turn in this day and age. Your email account is likely hosted in the cloud, many of your pictures are stored in the cloud on your social media profiles, and there are thousands of other applications that we come into contact with every day that are cloud-based. The cloud is basically a term for anything that’s kept off-site, and in a web hosting sense our VPS Cloud is a cluster of servers, each of which has a copy of your website data on so your website won’t suffer an outage if one of the machines fails. You’ll have dedicated resources and power too, so you won’t have to worry about your site being slowed down by a noisy neighbour as can happen in a shared hosting environment. Strictly speaking, VPS Cloud is a more reliable hosting solution that gives you the flexibility to grow your business in a flexible environment; you can upscale your resources as you require.


This hosting solution shares more than three letters with VPS Cloud. VPS – virtual private servers – of both the cloud name and the SSD variety are a cluster of servers, with one key difference. SSD VPS servers boast solid state drives, which are faster than the hard disks in VPS Cloud servers. If speed is important to your website then SSD VPS may be for you. Find out more about SSD VPS in this blog post.

Dedicated Server Hosting

If you’re ready to take full control of your hosting solution – and have the technical expertise to manage it – a dedicated server is the hosting solution for you. You’ll have the entire server to manage yourself; you’ll share no resources or hardware with any other customers.

Find the perfect web hosting solution for your business over on our website. You can chat live with our industry experts, who will pair you with the solution that compliments your business.

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