Reasons Why Creating Your Own Website Gets Better Results

23rd July, 2018 by

For anyone who hasn’t created their own website before, the prospect may feel daunting. However, there are tools and applications available to make building your own website a breeze. For example, UK2.NET offers two easy ways to build your website: WordPress and Website Builder. Which option you choose generally depends on what you plan to do with your website. In this post, we look at each type of website platform to help you decide which is best for your next website.

Whether you are looking to build a personal website, blog or online store, the benefits of building your own website really shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when it takes almost no technical experience to build one that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Before we look at the options available, keep in mind that to build a website:

  • You don’t need to be a technical genius,
  • You don’t need a lot of money and
  • You don’t need to understand code.

So, let’s see how to establish a great website without hiring a team of developers, spending a lot of money or stressing out.

Website Builder

Each year, more and more users turn to website builders to create their next website. The drag-and-drop functionality quickly converts your vision into a real live website. In less than an hour, your idea can be online and ready to go. Website Builder from UK2.NET offers three package sizes that vary from personal website to booming online enterprise.

Simply choose a template from the 160+ options and start adding your content. With built-in SEO support, Website Builder can help you focus on organic traffic and on page social media buttons. Each package includes a domain, professional email and 24-hour support. Our technical experts are a call or chat away to help you solve your website issues, should they arise.   

Online Shop Builder

If you are looking to quickly and easily open an online shop or ecommerce website, UK2.NET has a Website Builder especially for you. Our Online Shop Builder features the convenient drag-and-drop functionality but also includes inventory management, a payment portal, store analytics and SEO support. Simply choose the size of your store and add your products to open up shop.


WordPress is a world leading content management system (CMS) and is currently used to support 75 million websites. Estimates say that 30% of published websites use WordPress. That’s a lot of websites!

WordPress is so widely used because it supports such a wide variety of purposes. From blogs to portfolios and businesses to forums, WordPress can help get you online.

WordPress is just a quick download away and features thousands of templates. Because WordPress is an open source software, tech geniuses from around the world are busy at work building templates and widgets to support your WordPress adventure. While many available templates found online have an extra fee, the functionality available is well worth the money. WordPress Hosting from UK2.NET includes the 24-hour support our clients love, as well as a free domain and additional security. Simply choose the package size that meets your needs and you will be on your way to having an amazing, professional website up and running.

Advantages of building your own website:

Simply put, building your own website saves you money. Successful websites don’t have to be run by a team of developers. Anyone with the desire to build can find the tools and software necessary to create an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional website. Once built, you will understand your website inside and out. Easily make changes and improvements without an additional fee or frustrating waiting periods. Once built, your website will truly belong to you, and you will be a completely self-supporting digital enterprise. What could possibly hold you back

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