Top Domain Sales In UK History

21st November, 2018 by

Domains are a crucial aspect of any website. They inform, display, and create in just one small phrase. Just imagine, where would the world be without useful domains like,, or These domains have transformed the way we live day to day. for the win!

While we all have an appreciation for .com domains, the extension is where we place our British identity and pride. Over the years, domains have not been underappreciated, in fact, just the opposite. Many UK domains have sold for prices that easily rival .com domains. To celebrate our favourite domain extension, we have assembled a list some of the top domain sales throughout history. See the list of big money makers below: – £120,000

This domain redirects to an online furniture shop. However, in 2016 the sale made headlines as the biggest domain sale of the year. The buyer of also purchased as seen below. – £126,000

The gambling website was purchased for the exact reason you would imagine. This domain made the list for domains, however, it takes a much lower spot in the list of gambling domain purchases. and sold together for $5.5 million. – £126,000

Similar to the domain, sold for history-making numbers. Still maintained as a heavily-trafficked website, this domain leads you straight to everything you need to know about betting on horses in the UK. – £140,000

This heavy-hitting domain now redirects to for all of your flying needs, that is if you speak German. Even if you don’t speak the language, made some serious Geld. – £188,000

This domain is part of Google’s domain portfolio and redirects to However, the original purchase shocked investors of domains and cost enough to be featured in our list of top domain sales in UK history. – £190,000

Redirecting to, this company covered all of their bases when protecting their brand and organisation – even if it cost them a whopping £190,000. – £230,000

This domain is something of a sad story. After the monumental purchase price, the domain is no longer in service. Instead, you are greeted with a “Cannot Be Found” page in the internet search. Hopefully, the domain will find its way back to internet stardom. – £380,000

This domain is once again on the market after being sold for a jaw-dropping £380,000. If you are interested, we hope you don’t have to match the original asking price. – £500,000

Bought by the same gentleman as, this domain redirects to the web page If you are thinking that’s a lot of money just to sell mattresses and nightstands, you’re not alone. – £600,000

As you can see, this domain investment was pure gold. As one of the top domain sales in history, made serious domain headlines in 2015. You can visit this site today for all of your gold investment information. – £840,000

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