Top Ways To Show Customer Appreciation

17th December, 2018 by

Customers have unlimited options when it comes to purchasing goods and services. The internet creates connections to dozens of retailers in just a few clicks. Developing customer loyalty is a crucial aspect of running a successful ecommerce business. This is why showing customer appreciation is an absolute must.

The holiday season is a time for giving, so what better time to make customers smile and associate your brand with the holiday spirit? Their inbox is most likely full of similar sentiments, so it might be time to add yours to the mix.

The only question is how? How do you show your faithful customers that you appreciate them, without breaking your budget? Below we have assembled a few easy ways to show your customers that you care while still maintaining your bottom line.

A small free gift

Amazon-owned Audible recently gave a short holiday audiobook to loyal subscribers. You can only listen to the audiobook for a set amount of time before it expires. However, the holiday spirit was strongly evoked, along with a healthy dose of customer appreciation. We can all learn from the mega online retailer by passing it on to our loyal listeners.

By giving a small item away with a purchase, you create a sense of gratitude that many companies don’t offer. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be an item of great value because, after all, it’s the thought that counts.

Write a handwritten note

A quick “Thank you” enclosed in their next purchase will go a long way towards showing that you treat each package and shipment with care. Post-Black Friday this sentiment will speak volumes as hurried packages pile up on every doorstep.

If you are short on time but would still like to include personal notes, there are services who specialise in providing your customers with a personal thank you designed by you. Take a look at Bond or Handwrytten for more information.

Customer profiles

Spotlight a star customer each month to show customer appreciation while also making excellent social media moments. Customers love to see who shares their interests, including purchases.

By including a regular giveaway for loyal buyers, you can increase engagement in the lead-up to announcing the winner. Your giveaway also enables you to reap the social media rewards when the winner receives their prize, especially if you request personal snapshots of the prize winner.   

Give a VIP experience

This vague, yet helpful, tip leaves a lot of room for creativity. Show your customer appreciation by helping your customers feel like stars. From early access to products and services to invitations to special events, there are many ways to help your customers feel like VIPs.

If you are an online only shop, create a promo code or special sale for those who have previously purchased your products. Partner with another small business to create a limited time package deal for your most loyal buyers. Whichever VIP method you choose, the point is to create a situation where your customers feel important and included in your overall success strategy.

While this list doesn’t begin to cover the many different ways you can say thank you, it does promote the spirit of gratitude and giving that we all enjoy during the holiday season.

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