Web Hosting Made Simple: Question Time!

8th May, 2017 by

Creating a new website can be exciting and daunting at the same time. While we all know how to use the internet, the process of building and launching your own site can seem like a mysterious process loaded with technical jargon.

In this article, we answer ten of the most frequently asked questions about web hosting for beginners:


  1.     What does web hosting actually entail?

Web hosting for beginners involves companies like UK2 storing the components of a website in our secure data centres. Large hard drives contain all the programming code, photographs, images, text and other content required to display each site correctly. Visitors will view your site through our secure servers and virtual private networks, rather than on your own devices.

  1.     How do I choose the right address?

Websites are hosted at numerical addresses featuring four numbers between 0 and 255. For simplicity, these IP addresses are assigned domain names in English. Entering this address into a web browser directs it to the IP address where content is hosted. That means you can choose your company name, or something relevant to your industry, provided the domain is not in use.

  1.     What’s a top level domain?

Our web address is at uk2.net. UK2 is our company name, and the .net part is the top level domain, or suffix. There are over 1,500 different suffixes, including .com (for companies) and .co.uk (a country code top level domain for UK sites). You can choose the top level domain that suits your website – .org for a charity, .wiki for a site the public can modify, and many more.

  1.     Should I use a .com domain?

The World Wide Web launched in 1991 with a limited number of top level domains. The .com suffix indicates companies, and almost half the world’s websites now use it. That makes .com more valuable and recognised than quirky suffixes like .bestbuy or .tunes. However, .com addresses are often the most expensive option, and many of them are already in use.

  1.     Will the website come with email accounts?

Yes. UK2 offers several hosting packages, all of which include email addresses matching your new domain name. That’s great for building brand awareness and identifying emails as coming from your business. You can choose the addresses you want and host them in a software program like Microsoft Outlook, or access them on any device through webmail.

  1.     I’ve heard about SEO, but what does it mean?

Any discussion on web hosting for beginners will stress the importance of search engine optimisation. SEO is the process of tailoring website content to achieve optimal results in Google and Bing searches. Improving a site’s SEO requires well-written text containing terms people frequently search for, as well as image captions, page titles and other factors.

  1.     Can I sell products directly through my site?

One of the main reasons for launching new websites nowadays is ecommerce, since a website can replace or supplement brick-and-mortar shops and stalls. Websites can be built with shopping cart and checkout facilities similar to those used by well-known e-retailers, as well as enquiry forms. Automated plugins or programs can manage everything from order acknowledgements to customer surveys.

  1.     Is it possible to edit the site once it’s live?

Your website’s contents can be edited at any time using a content management system accessed through a normal web browser. You can add or remove pages, change the text, update product listings and much more besides. We actively encourage clients to undertake regular updates, which are crucial for boosting a site’s performance in search results pages.

  1.     Can I do anything to improve the site’s security?

Secure certificates are unique encryption codes shared between the website and each visitor, ensuring none of the information exchanged between them can be seen by anyone else. These SSL certificates are included for free with every UK2 hosting account, while your website will be hosted in a secure environment and protected against viruses or malicious attacks.

  1.  Where do I buy a website domain from?

Us, of course! At UK2, you can buy and manage domains for as many websites as you like. We specialise in web hosting for beginners, with jargon-free technical support and round-the-clock customer service. Competitive pricing is the icing on the cake, and we can help your business to grow in future by adding new services whenever you want.

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