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The Internet is embarking on a new beginning. Be there at the start. New alternatives to .com and are now yours for the taking.

What is the year dot?

At the start of 2014 the Internet changed forever. From this point, web addresses no longer had to end in .com, .net, .org or country-specific endings like Instead, a wave of more than 700 new .somethings were launched, in phases. The first batches are already yours for the taking.

UK2 help you make the web your own. For the past 15 years we’ve been getting businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and rising talent online. We’re based in London, but we’re relied upon by customers in more than 200 different destinations around the globe.

We can hook you up with web addresses, help you build bespoke web pages, and give you all the tools you need to help you manage the way your website handles traffic and downloads.

We’re for life, too. As your businesses, blog, or ambitions grow, our services will grow with you. We’ve got powerful cloud servers that can take you all the way to the big time if that’s where you intend to be.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say on our testimonials page.


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What’s the point?

By the end of 2013, a sold-out sign was looming over all .com web addresses. The best ones had been snapped up ages ago. The release of these new web address endings—aka domain names, or TLDs—makes it much easier for bloggers, start-ups and businesses to get a web address that suits their brand. Thanks to this online revolution, you can now make your web address as memorable as you.

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