Website Builders Use Automation To Overhaul Website Design for Business Owners

29th November, 2013 by

website buildersYou may have heard increasing references to the ‘Internet of Things’, which suggests that a growing number of devices, machines and platforms are becoming ubiquitously connected to the Internet, offering a level of automation that the world has never seen before.

A simple example would be a refrigerator sensor connected to the web that automatically orders more milk, once it detects the bottle is empty. While this implies a highly connected world, it also conveys the underlying march in automation, which allows machines to do the job of humans, thus saving us time, money and hassle.

We can extrapolate this thought process to the world of website design, which is one of the most critical components in business branding, lead generation and industry leadership. Generally, most business owners would either rely upon a website designer (at great time and expense), or tackle this murky HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Database world by implementing a self-hosted WordPress Blog. Those braver souls may travel further up the food chain and attempt to use more sophisticated content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal.

While there was nothing wrong with their technology selection or direction, the plain truth is a business leader should not be spending their time building websites or losing money and time through hiring a website designer. For years, there was no real answer to this situation, since even WordPress could cost time with new installations, updates and other maintenance.

However, new technology allows web hosting companies like UK2 to deploy control panels that feature website builders. These website creation wizards are simpler and faster to use than WordPress, and way more affordable than hiring a website designer.

In just three steps a business owner can have a new website up and running. They will also have other incentives to use this package, for example free domains for life, a bonus thrown in by UK2 in an effort to convey the long-term value of these website builders in helping an owner manage his online assets.

While WordPress has a dazzling array of free and premium templates through which to outline the base look and feel for a website, The UK2 website builder also has 100s of creative templates from which to kick start your website creation process.

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